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21. listopad 2022

app wont do what I need. installed for 1 minute, very complicate no live chat support and charged me money although I didnt use it. be warned,

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22. červenec 2022

When I started running speed checks on the site this app was the number one offender in slowing things down and we barely had any functions switched on.

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Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 3. srpen 2022

Thank you for your feedback. We have made sure that our Ultimate Sales Boost app has been optimized and does not impact the website loading speed.

We have sent an email to you for more details, but have not get any response yet. Can you please check your inbox or spam folder when you have time, and reply to us? We can learn more about your case, and help to solve it.

Thank you

28. září 2021

does not allow me to edit emoji colour and the advanced badges to my website theme colour. disappointed.

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26. květen 2021

App is great but in free version all cool features are closed. :( I would like to use the other features for free

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11. duben 2021

not updating in website not working well not recommended pop ups slowly and not works on time my experience is worst

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2. březen 2021

dont understand whats available on free package of this app and think it slows the store down alot unfortunately

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5. leden 2021

all you get is a badge and a countdown timer for free. its a good app if you want to pay for it got a bunch of stickers

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Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 14. leden 2021

We sent you an email with information about all of the widgets that are offered in the free plan. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us.

14. prosinec 2020

No se aplican todos los cambios, solo aparece una frase debajo del producto que dice: pago seguro y nada mas que eso. Configure muchas cosas según lo indicado por ustedes y no se aplican. No pagaré nada por esto. No sirve.

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Datum úprav: 13. prosinec 2020

a week gone, get one email reply. we use ELLA theme not working. they reply email very slow. they not want fix our theme, so they not reply email.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi rokem
Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 21. prosinec 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We have reached out to you by email and we have not heard back from you. We also checked your website and could not reproduce the issue you described.

Please check your email account when you have a moment and let us know if there's anything else we can do to resolve this to your satisfaction.

6. prosinec 2020

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