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3 juli 2023

Does it let you filter products by tags? yes. It worked fine for us, but the price skyrockets based on how many sku's you have in your store. We had crossed the 10,000 product mark which was the plan we were on, and it PREVENTED PRODUCTS FROM DISPLAYING IN OUR COLLECTIONS. I understand if they would have removed the ability to filter or use their search function as that is what it is here to do, but to tamper with an inherent shopify feature is absolutely inexcusable. We spent two days going back and forth between shopify support and our theme support trying to troubleshoot the issue before someone determined that this app was blocking products from displaying until we gave them more money since we had 10,004 products now instead of 10,000. You can now filter with Meta Tags in themes 2.0, and I would recommend going that route if you can as this app will gouge you. We are paying over $100 a month just to filter, and the prices go up to north of $500 a month depending on how large your catalog is. I do have to dig deeper as this apps support says that Meta Tag filtering is limited to 1000 products on shopify, but I will say that I am very frustrated with the way the app behaved without clear indication of what the outcome of not immediately updating would be. (We just crossed 10,000 products a few days ago)

Machine Vision Direct
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⭐ SoBooster ⭐ svarade 4 juli 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to raise this concern with us. We understand your frustration and value your feedback.

I would like to clarify that we DO NOTIFY CLIENTS when their usage is around 80-85% of the limit. This notification is sent to GIVE THEM AMPLE TIME to take necessary actions and avoid any issues with products exceeding the limit. It's important to note that the STOREFRONT WILL STILL WORK IN THIS CASE.

Please check this comparison on why we are more expensive than the default solution: https://sobooster.com/platforms/vs-shopify

16 februari 2023

Non riesco più ad accedere dalla dashboard di Shopify a quella di Ultimate Search and Filter. Ho provato a chiudere e riaprire chrome svariate volte ma non funziona. Inoltre attendo risposta dall'assistenza in merito a delle implementazioni da svariati giorni.

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Redigerat 4 september 2023

UPDATE - Getting very annoyed with how many times their servers go down. And when they do they turn off their chat help function. Incredibly frustrating.

I can not state enough how great these guys are. Every customisation I have made has been done within a few hours. the app works quickly and efficiently. Its extremely easy to use, with a huge scope for custom development. Thank you all so much, I wish I had found this app sooner.

Onshore Cellars
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