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5 september 2023

We've been using this app for a couple of years and it has performed relatively great for us but lately their service (servers) keep on dropping - the current outage is more than 48 hours - which means that none of our collection pages are coming up and since all of our collection pages are setup using this app, our site is essentially down whenever their server goes down. That, to me, is a problem especially during a holiday sales season. Not being able to count of quick resolution of issues and not having a backup (their app code should be able to revert if it can't connect to their servers) is a problem considering the marketing activities and expenditure that we put in place weeks in advance. Additionally, their systems do not send emails or alerts when their system is down so the only way to know about these issues is to constantly check the status of your site (and specifically the collection pages) or via customers sending us messages that the site isn't showing any products (what happened this past labor day weekend).

I really like the app and its capabilities but they have to do more work around stability of their servers and proactive alerting to their customers when their systems go down.

Honeydew Intimates
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