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9. september 2020

Excellent product and service.
I need some help with the installation, but they did it.
Happy with the results.

Grand Attack
2 minutter bruker appen
13. mars 2021

I had some troubles with it showing up on the website but eventuallly figured out that I had to change the code for the product-template-liquid. It works now!

Rundt 1 time bruker appen
7. september 2022

really easy setup. They didn't have a ton of badges outside of payment methods such as McAfee but it'll do!!

10 minutter bruker appen
17. august 2019

This was fast and easy to set up! There were clear instructions and a lot of great configurable settings! Great job!

Mat Marr Photography
17. juli 2021

Flawless install, great customization options, and free??? I thought there would be a catch but there wasn't! Wow! Thank you team :)

Marshmallow Peach
Redigert 30. desember 2019

Really disappointed as this app looked promising. The trust badges loaded at the bottom of the page rather than under the cart button which I had checked as the option. It also slowed my page load time down considerably and the trust badges would load in groups rather than simultaneously. Appreciated the quick reach out from support and have upgraded review on that but have gone with another app that worked perfectly from the get go as I required. Thanks anyway.

Dog & Kaboodle
New Zealand
Conversion Bear svarte 30. desember 2019

Hey, thanks for sharing your feedback.

As I'm a merchant myself - I know how frustrating things can get! I'd like to address the two concerns you raised.

Wrong theme placement >

Our apps are built to work in 1 click. After seeing my mom struggling with setting up her online business, I set ease of use as my top concern.
Thing is - there are over 1000 possible Shopify themes. We are actively mapping and adding themes as we go, but sometimes the auto placement just gets it wrong. In that case - we have a manual app addition option.
You can do it yourself in 5 minutes (as shown in the step-by-step video we provide) or we can do it for you (we've successfully helped over 100 stores with different themes).

Loading times >

There are 2 ways to make apps work on Shopify - injecting app code into the theme files or loading through an iFrame. Each option has it's downsides.
The main downside when injecting app code is that it could mess up merchants liquid files causing a potential damage to the store. But, it would make it badges load together with the page. Since more elements (images) are added - It will still increase loading times.
I know some other apps may take the risk of messing up theme files. For us - it's too big of a risk.

We decided to take the other option and load the app via an iFrame - that means our app loads after the entire page is loaded. Same loading time increase, different experience. That keeps us on the safe side - avoiding possible harm to theme files. All badges we use are super light (SVGs only) and together with our minimized app code it makes badges load as fast as possible.

Sometimes, things just don't go as expected but I think I deserve a chance to help you fix the issue you had. I'm sure our app can meet your expectations.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.


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19. februar 2024

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