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The application is simply showing trust badges, and in the description/ how does this app make money section, they advise that.. essentially.. they do it out of the goodness of their heart. When you install the app, though, web browser sessions connect to their third-party application "". So when your users are browsing your site, they are receiving data. Remove this app unless we as users can disable this functionality unless we choose to use this third-party application you own through your normal advertising methods..

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Conversion Bear已回复 2023年1月8日

Trust Badges Bear is used by over 30,000 Shopify stores to increase customers sense of trust.

As any other app, to load the settings and the storefront widget, it loads the script from, which is the domain in which the app is hosted in. You'll notice the same with any app you use in your store - that's how web based apps are loaded. We do not track any of your customers data or store it on our end, as detailed in our privacy policy:

So - why is Trust Badges Bear free and how do we get paid?
Conversion Bear offers 14 other Shopify apps. We hope that if a merchant had a good experience with one of our free apps, they would consider using any of our paid ones as well.

Please feel free to contact our support team through the live chat or for any further questions.


I tried to put the badge icons in the cart drawer, without success. Therefore I contacted the support and nobody after 1 week came back to me. really disappointed

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Conversion Bear已回复 2022年5月28日

Hi there,
we appreciate your feedback.

~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~

I found your support communication. It was on the 26th of May (two days ago) with the response time being one hour. Our agent communicated the same message as below. As the messages are marked as "read", I believe you were able to receive the information you requested.


I apologize, our support lead time time is up to 24h and we were not able to find unattended emails or tickets - please check your spam folder for an incoming message.

As per badges placement - I'm afraid the badges can not be placed inside Ajax or side carts at the moment (unless you're using Themes 2.0).

We will be happy to follow up and provide you with our standard five star service in case you need further assistance.

Kind regards,


Hi, the app worked fine on product pages, and on a desktop, but unfortunately the app has made the wrong collection pages on mobile, andriod and iphone, where it has shown badges across the products on collections, and without us knowing it for several weeks. Unfortunately very disappointing. At this point we do not recommend installing the Ultimate Trust Badge at all.

CBD care - Europes biggest CBD shop
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Conversion Bear已回复 2021年9月20日

Thanks for sharing your concern.
That might happen on non-standard themes with multiple product forms.

Here's why:

- The app does not require any theme code or manual installation and it's added by one click.
- That's technically possible only if we automatically detect a product form, and add the badges right below.
- In your theme, there are multiple product forms (for example, inside the collection page).
- As such, the app will automatically place itself below the first form it finds.
** side note: the app will only show ONCE per page. In your collection page, there are around 20 product forms, the app will show on the single top left product only.

The good news are - it's a very simple fix.

You can switch from automated placement to a manual one.
Here's a video and text guide:

That usually takes a couple of minutes to setup.

We will be happy to handle that for you, as we helped thousands of other merchants before. Our team has sent over a collaboration request to your admin email.

Final note:
We take pride in our no-code approach.
Automated placement usually works best for most themes, and most of our customers. In the case of custom themes, we're always available to install the app for you through chat, email ( and ticket support.

I think that 963 five star reviews will vouch for our support work.

Sometimes, things just don't go as expected but I think our team deserves a chance to help you fix the issue you had and provide you with great service and make sure you are happy with it and with the app.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.

Warm regards,
CEO @ Conversion Bear


my store were wrong design,gadege,,,,,,,,,,,,things ,waste my time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Conversion Bear已回复 2021年4月14日

Hi there,
thanks for sharing your concern with our team.

I checked your product page.

The badges you have inside are not coming from our app, it's a static image.

Although our app is installed, it's not showing in your store as you're using a highly custom theme.

In that case, a manual install is required.

We have very elaborate guides you can use:

If you want our help, we can also set this up for you.

We tried reaching out to you via email, but your address is invalid (your contact email in the storefront is invalid as well).

We'll be happy to help you set this up right away.

You can email our team directly:

Warm regards,