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27 de novembro de 2018

Used this app for a number of months now and never been very pleased with it. The main issue is that the pop up is soooo slow to load so customer's have already moved on before it comes up.

Also there's lots of issues with it not working if you try to include it in-theme. Particularly at checkout it didn't work at all

And the analytics don't track well. It regularly counts purchases where none have occurred and there's no real analytics dashboard so you can't go in and scrutinise how well it's doing

The Personal Barber
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Data de edição: 18 de julho de 2019

I started using this app in 2018, it seemed to work good at the time and my up sales were selling but then in 2019 after running several adds with no sales or even add to carts from my up sales I checked into it further and the app has not been working for quite some time. I uninstalled the app and now still being charged for the app service. Not happy...I removed the app and do not wish to use any more, it was not working prior to the last 2 add campaigns, the products used were available, it used to work at checkout last year, I made no changes, I tested it several times and after still not working I uninstalled. I am not going to reinstall to have it checked again. I just do not want to be charged any more for an app that is not working.
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Staytuned deixou uma resposta 18 de julho de 2019

Thanks for the feedback. Did you try to contact us previously for us to have a look at the issue? There might be many reasons, like maybe the upsold products were out of stock, that's one of many possible causes. If you still want us to have a look, please accept our login request.

About the app charge, it happened because our app's billing cycle is different than your Shopify subscription billing cycle, meaning the app makes a charge and then a few days (or weeks) later, you pay your Shopify subscription and you're charged the app fees at the same time. We can process a refund if you wish to, up to the last 30 days (that's what Shopify's App Credits API allows us to do). Otherwise, you can open a refund request via Shopify Billing.

22 de outubro de 2018

This app was great because it allowed to bundle products and have the offer pop up on the products I specified AND in the cart. It converted fairly well. Then it just stopped working. I contacted support and didn't hear back. So when it worked, it was great.

Sweet Life Planners
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12 meses usando o app
17 de julho de 2017

Has potential but still a way to go before it meets my needs. Popup is very slow 5+ secs. No mobile specific design and I could not get it to work on mobile. The product selection interface is difficult to use. Support is good but not sure why I had to sign up to slack to get support. price is cheap but I guess you get what you pay for.

10 dias usando o app
13 de julho de 2018

Why is the Upsell on the thank you page not working. I did a test purchase just to test this. :(

Ohgag Prints
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6 de maio de 2018

It could be a very good app, as the settings are pretty simple to edit.
But it's finally a mess... No automatic recommendation,
And once we create an "A la carte" Upsell, if you select integration into your shop... Be pretty sure it's not gonna work.
Spent hours on it, every single time I created a la carte upsell, with theme integration.
When surfing on the page, once the upsell have been loaded (around 5-10sec!)
It is impossible for a customer to change the pictures of the main item page, nor to switch colors or even to add to cart the main item....
So once their app is loaded into your item page, be sure, that your viewers won't be able to add to cart your main item page... they can only add the upsell items... Which as no sense.
(The issue is On Mobile only, but my store as 90% mobile customers).

So I will uninstall the app ASAP.

Vintage Sunset Optic
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