Ultrabox: Shipping & Sale Info

Ultrabox: Shipping & Sale Info

da Ultracom

Add shipping, promotion info or any messages to product pages.

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Instant info at a glance

Spotlight your shipping policies or promotions on product pages.

Personalized messages

Show each customer's city and country to make relatable messages.

Fully customizable box

Freely edit content and theme to create your own stunning box.

Su Ultrabox: Shipping & Sale Info

Of all the questions coming to minds when people shop online, these two are the most prominent:

  1. How will it be shipped (shipping fee, shipping time)?
  2. What else can I get (discount, promotion)?

Sometimes it's the unanswered questions that make a difference between a yes and a no. Or finding them simply takes too much time. Put your most important messages in the spotlight with Ultrabox.

What can Ultrabox help you?

Ultrabox allows you to add a box of highlighted information in a strategic position on your product pages: right below the Add-to-cart button. Write any kind of messages you want:

  • Free shipping to [customer's country]
  • Shipping usually takes [amount of time]
  • Discount on orders over [amount of money]
  • Halloween/Christmas/New Year discounts
  • Limited stock
  • Secure payment
  • ...

What's special about Ultrabox?

  • Personalized messages: Automatically track customer's locations to show their exact city and country, making your offers relatable.
  • Fully customizable content: Edit colors, fonts, sizes, formats to your liking.
  • Icons supported: Add vibrancy and highlights to the messages.
  • Unlimited amount of content: Add as many lines as you need.
  • Customizable theme: Easily choose from our presets or set the box's appearance to how you like it.

Give customers a gentle nudge and see your sales surge.

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  • Information box on product pages

  • Visitor's IP tracking

  • Fully customizable content & theme

  • Icons supported

  • Unlimited amount of lines

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2.9 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti


No one is answering in them support, also the "chat" and the "email" are not working. be aware and don't install this app - 0 service in case you need them.


I loved this app. Has a lot of potential to increase conversions.
Yet it does not work anymore and disappeared for our sites. Support not replying. Pity!


Easy to use and customize. Support was super quick and helpful. It's a lifesaver. I noticed my conversion rate increased after I used this app to display "free shipping" message, but the magic is when I added a promo code and sales came in like crazy. Totally recommend!