Upsell and BoostSell Engine

Upsell and BoostSell Engine

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Upsell with Discount,Quick View,Announcement and Free Shipping

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Give customers benefits

Discounts, shipping rule, free gifts and quick view all encourage customers to buy because they feel benefited. So, utilize them.

Notify buyers about benefits

Other apps do not have a notification feature when customers receive discounts, so it is quite unclear for buyers and does not push buying.

The power of AI

Save your time by using Ultrasell because it pushes products with the highest sales to the top upsell list, thus optimizing conversion rates

Acerca de Upsell and BoostSell Engine

About UltraSell - The app which made many merchants committing to because of the increase in profits.

Latest update 02-July - 2021: Quickview feature for customers


Upselling appear almost everywhere and in any businesses. Upselling tricks the customers into thinking about getting greater values than expected, but you are the real one who benefits the most from it as a matter of fact. Upselling ensures the conversion rates, AOV as well as the ROI.

Why are you hesitating then? Just give our app a try and make it rain.


It is hard to find an application with multiple upselling themes and options like ours. Make customers' buying stages more attractive and fun by offering them with bundles and discounts from product page to even Thank You page. Decorate them in your own way easily because our app possesses multiple templates to choose from.

How can a buyer resist the power of discounts, right?


This application is perfect for you as it offers various types of offers and personalization.

  1. Funnel offer: Suggest products that are related to your main product.
  2. Volume offer: Buy more to get a discount.
  3. Bundle offer (Cross-sell): Buy together with other products to get more discounts.
  4. Much more likely to come.

[It is worth the price?]

From the reviews and recommendations, it is safe to say that this app is worth the price. Unlimited options, multiple themes, easy customization and personalization are what you will have after acquiring this application.

[24/7 SUPPORT]

No matter what the problems are. We have a team always anticipating to assist you. Please never hesitate to contact us.

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Only Plan


  • 5-8% Upsell CR and 15-30% AOV :
  • 1.Upsell/Cross-sell/Bundle Discount
  • 2.Quick View Mode
  • 3.Free Shipping Upsell
  • 4.Announcement Discount Goal

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.7 con 5 estrellas

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  • 5 con 5 estrellas
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  • 4 con 5 estrellas
    1 % de las calificaciones con 4 estrellas
  • 3 con 5 estrellas
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Reseñas más recientes


this app is amazing, it's not only Upsell App, but it's also really a boot sale app. I'm crazy with the Quickview feature and Benefit Notification when our customers get enough rules to get discounts. they pushed the customer "Click the checkout button".I don't find that in another upsell app. Although the app still has tiny errors in setup, Cris has quick support to me and I'm so happy when my store become store example for this app.


Great customer support. I really like the app, very useful for many things.
Low costs of the app!!!!


I love this app. It is easy to use, and you don't need to be a tech expert to figure out how to set up everything you need.