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Unbxd Recommendations

Unbxd Recommendations

Developed by unbxd

11 reviews
Price: $250.00 – $1,000.00 / month More info
  • Increase sales by 20% - 25%!
  • Add personalized cross-sell & up-sell recommendations to your store.
  • Personalized based on visitor behavior.

Unbxd Recommendations is the best Shopify app for personalized product recommendations.

Unbxd is used by over 150 sites to show high-converting product recommendations to their visitors.

Does your Shopify store need Personalized Recommendations?

Personalized recommendations offer a tailor-made shopping experience to your visitors.

Based on a survey by Retail Touchpoints, 73% of customers prefer personalized shopping experiences.

Amazon says 35 percent of product sales result from recommendations. - Matt Marshall, VentureBeat

Personalized recommendations can account for up to 30% of your total sales and can increase product views by 75%.

Types of Recommendations:

  • Recommended for you:
    The recommended for you widget is personalised completely based on your visitors behaviour. Unbxd tracks what visitors search for, view, add to cart, buy, and more to identify the types of products they like.
  • Recently Viewed:
    Your customers are most likely to buy products they've viewed recently. Remind them of the products they've looked at earlier and encourage them to buy!
  • Related Products/More like these:
    Showing similar products on the product page is the best way to help your visitors discover more products.
  • Cart Recommendations:
    Showing relevant recommendations on the cart page can help you increase revenue. To give you an idea, our customers see a 20%-23% conversion rate from our cart recommendation widget.
  • Top Sellers:
    The top selling products on your store are your most popular products. Showing these products to visitors can help them instantly find your best products.
  • People who viewed this also viewed/Bought this also bought:
    These widgets, made popular by Amazon, add an element of social proof to your site. Visitors are most likely to click on products that have been seen/bought by others.
  • Unbxd Dashboard: Easy Customization & Detailed Analytics

    With Unbxd, you can easily customize your recommendation widgets with our simple WYSIWYG editor. Modify the look of your widgets, change the title, number of products and more.

    Unbxd also gives detailed analytics so you know how your widgets are performing. You can keep track of important metrics like impressions, clicks, cart additions, order and revenue for each widget.

    Plans & Pricing:

    Unbxd Recommendations comes with 3 plans based on the number of products & impressions i.e. the number of times our widgets are seen by your visitors. For higher number of impressions than supported by the plans, please get a custom quote from us.


    • upto 5000 products & 200,000 impressions

    • More Like These, Recently Viewed, Recommended For You
    • $500.00

      • upto 50,000 products & 200,000 - 500,000 impressions

      • All widgets
      • $1000.00

        • upto 250,000 products & 500,000 - 2,000,000 impressions

        • All widgets

        5 Minute, 2 Step Integration

        Unbxd Recommendations is incredibly easy to integrate. Just two steps that should take you only 5 minutes.

        Need help with integration?

        We can help you get started with zero effort from you. We offer a 100% risk-free setup service where we add Unbxd Recommendations to your site. No charge, of course :)

Unbxd Recommendations reviews

11 reviews
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This app has some serious potential!!!


Excellent app! At Jewelove, we have reduced our bounce rate by over 50% & increased our product discovery significantly since installing the app.


Highly recommend this app. Makes a significant difference to our customer experience and and helps us greatly in upselling.

Customer service is also exceptional. Well done lads!


I highly recommend this app. Unbxd is vey easy to install and set up. The look is simple and easy to modify.

But even more importantly, it works so well! The app got us over $400 sales in the free week, and we are a quite small store!

The customer service is excellent! The staff is very nice and helpful. I contacted them about a problem I encountered and they responded quickly and fixed it for me. We also set up a case study in which they helped me optimize the app for our store.

Overall, this has been a great experience.


We've search an app that has a reasonable report between price and features and we can say that UNBXD is the one. We've just install it , and we can't say if the results are what we are expecting (for this we will come back later with comments), but I can say that the support is perfect. The guys form UNBXD managed to adjust their widgets in order to fit in our theme in a very short time.
So we strongly recommend it.


Fantastic app, the recommendations for similar items are heaps better than the default Shopify option. It matches not just product type but price which is a great idea.

What's even better is the customer support! They were very responsive and extremely helpful in making customisations as we needed, even for things outside of the app itself.


This is a great app and an awesome addition to our website. Yamini was very helpful in making the functions work with the site and customising the widgets to match our branding.

A very useful app for helping merchants maximise conversions and promote products!


Awesome app, if you can follow easy to implement code instructions, and I mean easy, this app is a no-brainer.

Customer support were great too. Gave me a telephone consultation to identify exactly how we would like to use the app and did everything for us.

Well recommended


Update: Support did respond after I posted this review.. they claim the 'also viewed' widget needs a lot of time before it starts showing up. The response times of the server has also improved, and the widget renders more quickly on the page now.

The widget I was most interested in doesn't work.. 'viewed also viewed'. Simply doesn't show anything on page. Messaged support but they never responded.

The other widgets I tried do work. Everything runs from their server though so it is painfully slow. In fact, it causes the page to take about twice as long to fully load. And it doesn't do it gracefully.. mid-load the items will be rendered sporadically on the pages. Also the recommendations are often very unhelpful.

I do like the button to scroll thru the 5-item list. The recommendations are usually better than shopify's recommend engine. It looked okay appearance-wise after I did some 'hacking' of the CSS code, though still not completely matching the rest of the page.

If it weren't so slow and the widgets worked properly, and if support actually bothered to respond, then I'd give this a higher rating.


We've been using Unbxd for some time now and can clearly say that this product recommendation app is the best on Shopify. The team has a lot of experience & it is very well visible.

We've seen a direct impact on our page views, time people spend on site and cart size. Our shoppers are happily spending more because they easily find what they want. Also, the support has been super fast and seamless.

Love it when companies put their customers ahead of everything and provides a wonderful overall experience. Only some store owner who doesn't want more sales will miss this.

$250.00 – $1,000.00 / month

Bronze -$250/month - Upto 5000 products and 200,000 Impressions
Silver - $500/month - Upto 50,000 products and 500,000 Impressions
Gold - $1000 - Upto 250,000products and 2,000,000 impressions



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