Shipping Insights Calculator

Shipping Insights Calculator

by Unchained Logistics

Explore shipping costs based on order history or forecasts

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Shipment Insights Calculator

Use your monthly shipment volume to get aggregated shipping estimates. See retail and discounted rate options and their impact on your costs

Multiple Warehouse Scenarios

See how much you could save if you have two or three distributed warehouses

Calculate future monthly costs

Estimate your shipment costs in the future with more shipment volume

About Shipping Insights Calculator

Shipping Insights Calculator helps you estimate your shipping costs!

Shipping costs are the largest operational costs for an e-commerce businesses. You can save a lot on shipping by expanding your distribution network with two or three locations. This also allows you to support 2 day shipping to your customers without paying for express shipping! Using our app, you can calculate your potential savings with your current volume or estimate future costs with higher volume.

It's simple to use!

  1. Install the Shipping Insights Calculator
  2. Select the city closest to where you currently ship from
  3. Select a Distribution Scenario
  4. Enter your average shipment weight
  5. Calculate your costs and potential savings!

Use your order history to see how much you can save by splitting inventory!

  • Use your store's order volume and geographic distribution
  • Get shipping cost estimate across various shipping services
  • Even see potential discounted rates

Try different volumes and weights

  • Set a volume you hope to reach in the future and get an estimate of future shipping costs.
  • Choose from three predefined distributions that utilize current city population density
    1. Entire United States
    2. West Coast of the United States
    3. East Coast of the United States

Automatically compare across single, bicoastal and multiple warehouse scenarios.

See how splitting your inventory may save you money while improving shipping delivery times.

Powered by Unchained Logistics, Inc.

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