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very poor experience. There are a lot of technical flaws in this app. Its a good idea but the execution is terrible. This is something that should take 5 minutes. I have been troubleshooting for about 30 mins now.

Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2022年12月15日

Hello 👋🏻 there, Can you please let me know what technical challenges you faced while settings up the app so I could go over and suggest you solutions? I also tried to look for the conversations with you regarding the support but didn't find any thread with you. I request you contact our support team regarding the setup using the following details.
Email: support@identixweb.com
Schedule a call: https://calendly.com/manoj-prajapati/30min
Also, our app is providing live chat support where you can chat with our support for getting a quick answer to your question. You can see the live chat bubble at the bottom right side inside the app.


Im having issues. I reached out to the support people. No response at all! When i no longer need this app. I will be getting rid of it.

Mr. E's Remedies
Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2021年10月13日

Hi there, I hope you are well and safe!
I am sorry to hear about that and I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the app.
→ I see your email came on 9th Oct and one of our team members has replied to your email on the same day and asked you for the screenshot of that issue you were facing.
→ We are still looking for your reply there. So can we please discuss the issue there?


Don't install! Stoppppp!

My site went down because of this crappy app! Don't waste your time installing this app.

Mardina Safiyya
Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Would you please give us one chance to make it work on your website? We'd be love to have this opportunity and don't want to disappoint any of the users anymore.


Can you give minus stars? Spent a few hours setting my landing page up, followed all the instructions and then it doesn't work - just gives a 404 and a blank page on my site. Tried speaking to the developers on their "live chat", they just said they didn't know what was happening and hung up. I emailed them several times and no reply. Gurus from shopify said it's definitely an app problem. Don't waste your time with this app - their support is non existent and it doesn't work!

Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi Jemma,

I had looked back and went through the emails and live chat histories, I found that we aren't able to solve your issue at that time and I'm really very sorry about that.

I would be pleased if you give us ane chance to express our service you again and we promise that this time you will be happy with it.

Let me know your thoughts.


The app save the text style in one way and publish in a different way.
Randomly set background size and focus.
Wasted a LONG day trying to set the coming soon page up and no luck.

Rhaika London
Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about that.

We had improved some features in our app. If you don't mind, can you please spend some little time to have a look at it? We had tried to make it user-friendly.


Do not install this app - when you do you can not remove it without it messing up your code and getting a 404 redirect. Spent 2 hours trying to fix so far.

The Stork Service
Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

We are extremely sorry to hear about that.

If any user is coming us through the email or live chat, we are solving this issue on the same day and make the website running without any error.

We also had added instruction about how to uninstall Under Construction app from your store. We request all users to read the instructions in support/help page before uninstalling the app.


Can't get removed before you pay amount even if is during 3 days FREE. Scam

Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

When you install any app in your Shopify website, they all ask you for approve billing charges just after installed the application. So when your free trial period is over you will charge for the selected amount.

We don't force any users to pay an amount for the app before uninstalling it. If any user asks us about that we help them regarding this.


AVOID AT ALL COSTS! These guys are fraudulent. We tested the app (and paid) but decided to launch with another app. When we came to uninstall the app our website continued to point to their apps URL. When we asked for help they demanded another payment to be able to deactivate the app correctly. So we're now having to use a back up theme until we get this fixed.

Not cool Shopify for letting these guys work with you. It's damaging your brand.

Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

We are extremely sorry to hear that.

First of all, we never ever asked any user for any additional charge for uninstalling the app or for any issue they have faced with our app. We only ask for an additional payment when the user asks for an additional functionality which our app hasn't.

Also, when our user asks us to remove/resolve any error occurred from our app, we always do that without asking any additional charges.


This is honestly the worse app. I deleted it in order to make my shop live but it still stays my shop is "under construction". Its been two days and still nothing. I have emailed support and have not gotten a reply. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE AND GET SOMETHING BETTER WITH A TEAM THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this.

If you get in touch with us for this issue in the working hours, we solved it at the same time. Or we normally response our users within 24 hours. In the case of the weekend, we only took a taking to respond.


Couldn't get it to work and the App support wouldn't reply to my messages for assistance. Shopify assistance couldn't work out why it didn't work either.

Salti Australia
Identixweb Private Limited 已回覆 2019年4月12日

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about that.

We normally reply to all users when we are online. Or else we respond to the email/tickets within 24 hours. In the weekend case, we are taking a long time (48 hours) for the response.