UniEx Courier App

UniEx Courier App

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Generate Shipment, Tracking from within your store

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Generate Shipment

Generate Shipment from your Shopify Admin


Ability to track orders on your Shopify website admin without having to go-to the UniEx Customer Portal

Auto Fulfillment

Auto Fulfillment after shipment generated successfully

关于 UniEx Courier App

UniEx App was designed to help customers who have a large number of orders and have to be posted into the portal. UniEx has developed an App for merchants to be able to generate your shipment with UniEx in a single click.

Once shipment generated, the orders can also be tracked from the app without having to leave the website.


  • Seamless integration in your Shopify admin area
  • Generate Shipment
  • Track the order on the Shopify admin area

Note: In order to use this plugin, you will need to have your API Key.



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5.0 评分

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I can ship, book and track all my orders at Unique Express just in one click, user friendly and easy to use.