Unified Transaction

Unified Transaction


Keep track of your customers transactions.

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Order Reporting

Get brief reports on paid Orders, Payments and list Order Gateways with their transaction ID in a single report.

Customizable Orders Table

Customize you orders table according to your requirements. You can display only those columns that you want.

Gateway Filters

Select a gateway to filter orders from that payment gateway and generate reports for analyzing your payment gateways package.

Unified Transaction 정보

If you are a part of the e-commerce industry then obviously you will have to choose an online payment method that is secure and hassle free. It is an essential decision that you need to take after analysing your business. Once the sales accelerate, you need transaction reports, so you are aware of where, when and how the money is rolling in and can better analyze the situation of your business.

This will enable you to increase efficiency and sales, observe product performance and stay in control. The bigger your business, the greater will be the transaction data so it is possible to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of financial figures. Often the issue most merchants experience is getting reports of all orders from a specific gateway. Unified Transaction allows you to stay on top and keep an eye on all your business activities.

Merchants all around the globe can benefit from unified transactions by making their businesses more manageable. The goal of Unified Transaction is to enable all kinds of merchants to keep an eye on their e-commerce transactions. It is user friendly, reliable and offers in-depth and accurate reports on all transactions that take place with regards to your online business.

Simply install it and keep a check on all order payments made through debit cards or Cash on Delivery(COD) method. It will provide you with a lot of valuable information, streamlining it from a specific gateway. It gives you a brief report on paid order, payments, list of gateways along with transaction ID, all in a single report. Allowing you to check how many transactions took place and which gateway was used for the specific transaction. The automated reporting will keep you informed effortlessly.

You can view reports on all paid orders. Unified Transaction gives you the option to have detailed reports filtered from the 4 top Pakistani bank gateways including Bank Alfalah, UBL, MCB and HBL. Whereas for others you can view reports having transaction IDs, order numbers and payment gateway details. Once you have downloaded the reports, you can customize and modify the table to suit your needs. The columns you want can be prioritized according to their significance and irrelevant ones can be deleted. So what are you waiting for! Install it and take control of your e-commerce finances.

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Standard Plan


  • Keep track of your customers transactions.

Enterprise Plan


  • Dual Currency reporting and payment reporting.

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An excellent app for payment gateways reporting with top class support and guidance. Alchemative guys are super fast at response and support especially Mr. Sikandar. He guided us for every step to integrate the app with our store. Totally worth it, recommended for everyone. Thanks alchemative.


A good app for multple payment gateway traking. Making it easire for online payments reconciliation.

Cambridge Shop

Experience is good for this app. Very helpful to reconcile daily payment transactions. Thanks for making it easire for online payments reconciliation