Price Prophet

Price Prophet

Make Pricing Intelligent

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Revenue Maximization

Sell at a price which achieves the greatest sales revenue.

Volume Maximization

Sell as many units of your product without making a loss. Clear your stock.

Profit Maximization

Sell at a price which returns the greatest profit after reducing the costs incurred.

Price Prophet 정보

uniQin's AI & ML backend analyses the data to

  1. Make a profit boom with profit maximization
  2. Find the perfect price for your products
  3. Maximize revenue with optimal discounts
  4. Boost revenue with revenue maximization
  5. Sell off dead stocks with volume optimization

We will suggest the price for the next two weeks which helps you

  1. Find the fair price for your product, given the elasticity, market trend, seasonality and historic patterns
  2. Achieve maximum profit, revenue or volume


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