Unishippers Small Pkg Quotes

Unishippers Small Pkg Quotes

作成: Eniture Technology

Quote your negotiated Unishippers - UPS rates during checkout.

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Offer accurate shipping rates

Offer accurate real-time shipping quotes based on your negotiated rates and the correct determination of actual vs. dimensional weight.

Multiple stocking locations

Define multiple warehouses and assign drop ship locations to products that ship from vendors, suppliers and fulfillment centers.

Control how quotes display

Options for services, box sizes, residential delivery, in-store pick up and local delivery puts you in control of your shipping quotes.

Unishippers Small Pkg Quotesの詳細情報

Unishippers Small Package Quotes

You must have an Unishipprers account number to use this application. Third party calculated shipping (akaCarrier calculated shipping ) must be enabled on your Shopify plan. Third party calculated shipping can be added to any plan by contacting Shopify customer support.


Display your negotiated shipping rates in the Shopify checkout process so you can collect your shipping costs on each order. You have the option to include a handling charge in the rate so you can recover the cost of packing materials or other expenses associated with your shipping operation.

Key Features

  • Unlimited small package (parcel) quotes

  • Supported origins: United States

  • Supported destinations: All destinations UPS provides service to.

  • Select which services to present to your shoppers.

  • Takes dimensional weight rules into consideration when retrieving rates.

  • Get quotes based on your standard box sizes.

  • Define multiple warehouse and drop ship locations.

  • Dynamically include the residential delivery fee by auto-detecting residential addresses.

  • Record shipping parameters for each product variation.

  • Identify hazmat products so quotes include the hazardous material fee when required.

  • Provide an option for in-store pick up.

  • Identify a local delivery area.

  • Specify a handling charge as dollars and cents, or as a percentage of the quoted rate.

  • Engineered to work with Eniture Technology's LTL Freight Quotes apps.

Where can I find out more?

A complete installation and users guide can be found at eniture.com. Use the phone number or email address in the Support & Sales section of this listing to contact us with your questions.

Who is Unishippers?

Unishippers is a third party logistics company that gives its customers access to UPS and over 60 LTL freight carriers through a single account relationship. To establish a Unishippers account call 800-999-8721or refer to the User's Guide for a link to the online new account request form.


  • Unishippers RateLink API



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3 cents per packaging solution (optional feature)

  • Unlimited parcel quotes
  • Multiple stocking locations
  • Standard Box Sizes (optional)
  • Residential delivery
  • Handling fee



3 cents per packaging solution (optional feature)

  • Basic plan plus...
  • Auto-detect residential addresses
  • Do not display rates to PO Boxes
  • Hazardous material support



3 cents per packaging solution (optional feature)

  • Standard plan plus...
  • Transit time limits on Ground service
  • In store pick up and local delivery options
  • Specify a local delivery fee

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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REVISED REVIEW: We use Unishipper for UPS because they provide us with much lower rates than Shopify's discounted UPS rates. We tried plugging our Unishipper issued UPS number directly into Shopify, but Shopify would NOT pull the correct Unishipper/UPS rates for our account. This app will pull our correct Unishipper/UPS discounted rates, and factor dimensional weights too. This is app is truly GREAT - when it's pulling rates through correctly. It does require manually entering weights and dimensions into a spreadsheet CSV file to set up the app correctly. Once the CSV data is loaded back into the store, the app will provide correct shipping rates. This step is necessary because the app loads it's own info for the product weight, height, length and width from within the app. Also wanted to say that their (US based) support has been super helpful too (thank you David). Bottom line... Eniture is a solid choice - if you're working with Unishipper/UPS. After trying multiple shipping apps and hacks this one checks all the boxes.



I'm sorry you didn't feel like you had a 5-star experience. A review of your support ticket history shows that several times we offered to reconcile the rates presented by the app but were never provided with the information we needed to do so. The app doesn't calculate the shipping rates. It provides Unishippers with information about the checkout, and based on that information Unishippers provides the rates. The source of the information provided to Unishippers is the shopper, and the app settings provided by the merchant. If there is a discrepancy between the settings established in the app, and the characteristics of the actual shipment then there will be variances. Also documented in the support ticket history is a recommendation to take advantage of the app's Standard Box Sizes feature. The recommendation that was never followed.


Great app. Truly excellent support!

Creative Control Products

Easy to install and provides my customers with the lowest rates possible on their shipping. Customers are always abandoning our cart due to shipping rates and Unishippers pricing has lead to more sales.