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Unite Happy Shoppers - Increase Sales

Unite Happy Shoppers - Increase Sales

Developed by Unite Commerce

18 reviews
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  • Influence Customers purchase decisions with social proof for visitors to discover new products
  • Increase purchase conversions by highlighting what other customers are doing
  • Create a sense of urgency and demand for the Customer

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Unite Happy Shoppers does what???

1) It shows yours customers how many people are looking at a specific product in your store at any given time.

2) It creates online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

3) Its very important to show your customers a sense of urgency and demand is one of the most effective ways of influencing their purchase decisions.

Do you want to decrease your cart abandonment rate?

Online merchants are losing 67.45% of sales from cart abandonment. Key factors that influence abandonment, can be addressed simply by introducing a sense of urgency into your checkout flow. Instead of figuring out how to recoup abandoned loses, your efforts are better spent focusing on how to avoid abandonment. Stop leaving money on the table.

Why does urgency matter?

By incorporating a sense of urgency to your checkout flow, you can make the consumers feel like they could lose out on an appealing offer, if they don't commit to an order immediately. The "Fear of Missing Out" that consumers experience, will increase your ability to convert them into buyers. Leverage Conversion Plus' cart reservation timer to effectively apply urgency.

“A case study by the team at ConversionXL shows that by adding a sense of urgency to their product, they were able to increase their conversion rate by 332%. That's a huge lift for any business.”

How exactly does Unite Happy Shoppers work?

Unite Happy Shoppers shows a fully customizable box placed directly underneath your “Add To Cart” Button. The app automatically detects the number of users looking at the page(s) on which it’s implemented, and relays that information back to the users themselves. Thus, establishing a sense of urgency and demand.

Think of it as an elegant alternative to countdown timers and various other urgency-inducing apps.

The box itself is completely customizable. You can edit:

Font Type

Font Size

Font Color

Background Color

It is also mobile, desktop and emoji supported.

Benefits & Features:

Fast & easy implementation

No coding skills required

Fully customizable

Compatible with all Shopify themes

Profound effect on conversion rates


Where can the widget be placed?

As of today, the box can only be placed underneath the “Add To Cart” Button.

What if I’m driving very little traffic?

The app is visible even if there is just one customer and will show the number of people watching as mentioned by you at any given moment.

The science behind the app:

Behavioral psychologists found that “urgent situations cause us to suspend deliberate thought and to act quickly.”

Creating a sense of urgency in the sales process motivates potential buyers to take action on your site. Our goal is to break this cognitive friction that delays people from converting. The longer your prospect waits to make a purchase, the less likely the sale will happen.

Every extra second a user spends on your site translates into unrelated life distractions and mental barriers so the purchase is done.



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2) ★★★★★ PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS == Based on Customer behavior and purchase history, Increase your sales by suggesting the right products

☞ Show customers items they will like, but are unlikely to discover by themselves. Create the most personalized feelings to your customers and drive their action - Add more products to cart.

☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

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3) ★★★★★ POP UP == The Perfect selling tool to create Excitement to visitors about your busy store

☞ Real-time notification of recent sales to increase customer buying confidence on your Shopify store.

☞ Win Trust and Credibility by letting customers know what other shoppers are doing on your store.

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4) ★★★★★ HAPPY SHOPPERS == Influence Customers purchase decisions with social proof for visitors to discover new products

Unite Happy Shoppers - Increase Sales reviews

18 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Just another Shopify app that doest not do what it says. Shopify should keep a track of useless apps!


Best app in this Shopify app store. App handling is also super easy. Their support team responds very quickly. i'm impressed.


It really helps to increase my sales. Highly recommended to everyone.


After I installed this in my Shopify store, I never could get the setup to load up in my admin panel. Needs work in my opinion.


This app dramatically increases my website conversion rate. I'm a very happy user
of this app.


This app really awesome. It's increases the conversion rate of my store. Love it.


It really has a great impact on sales. 100% recommended


This app is really awesome. Works very perfectly. Happy customer of it. Highly recommended to everyone.


This app increases my conversion rate dramatically. Their customer support system is best i believe. Highly recommended.


I really recommend this app to everyone. Really helpful app



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