Truepush Web Push Tool

Truepush Web Push Tool


Stop losing money. Use our abandon cart & In-stock alerts

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Abandon Cart

When your customer adds a product to the cart and forget, remind them to come back and check out after some time.

In-stock Alerts

Remind your customers through web push opt-in when their required product is back in stock. It helps you get an immediate sale.

Shipping Updates

Help your customers stay stress-free with Shipping alerts. You can also have peace of mind with fewer questions about the products shipped.

关于 Truepush Web Push Tool

Truepush is an web push notification tool helping website owners to engage with their customers.

Effective Re - engagement Channel

Push Notifications has a better view and open rate than emails. So consider using push notifications along with your emails and SMS for better re-engagement and retention from your customers.

Abandoned Cart

Sometimes online shoppers or users forget that they added a product in their cart to buy or simply decide to come back later. If users add a product and close the site, this feature sends a push notification to the user reminding them to come back to the site and check out.

In-stock Alerts

Whenever your customers want to be informed about when a product is back in stock, this feature will send them an automated push notification when your product comes into the store. The in-stock alerts feature will help you with more sales and also having loyal customers.

Shipping Updates

When your customer buys a product from you, they want to know the tracking code and the shipping updates to know the product delivery information. This feature simply sends necessary and timely shipping updates to your customers.

Welcome Notification

Welcome your newly added subscribers through a welcome notification. Sending welcome notifications will further boost your customer experience.

Simple Notification

If you have any new product, new sales drive, or even an announcement to make, you can use a simple notification feature and send it to everyone. Find the best notification frequency to send daily or weekly and see your visitors and sales improving.

Wonderful Analytics Dashboard

It’s not just sending automated push notifications, but you can also see the analytics of sent, viewed, and clicked push notifications that you have set up. That way, you can learn the best time to send notifications. Also, you can check which title, content, and images are performing well.

Customer Support

If you need anything, we are email/chat away.






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