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10. december 2023

I have reached out 2x to get help. This app is a great idea but does not work right. It caused major issues on Black Friday. It gave customer products they did no earn as they did not meet the threshold. I also have turned it off because the free item sale was done and then a few more items came through when the app was not active again. This is a pain and not support to respond yet.

Sundara Nails
5 måneder bruger appen
14. december 2023

the app works great, but their app conflicted with our theme, and there's a small bug that their developers need to fix in our theme, and it's been 1.5 months now that we're waiting for them to even log in to our store to fix it, after pinging them multiple times they still say that "our problem is on their todo list", but looks like their todo list is 5-year long by this point. i don't want to image what would've happen if this would be a big store that drives massive traffic and they would delay to fix a bug for them for over a month. how stupid is that? where are your developers? sleeping? shut down your app if you have zero developers.

20 dage bruger appen
8. november 2023

Stunning cart design that is dysfunctional and dropped my conversion rate significantly. I installed this app for its main function, the discount codes. This function does not work properly, discount codes were not claimed properly or not working at all. I contacted support twice but it's been about a week and this issue has not been resolved yet as of the date I uninstalled the app (they said it's not just in my shop by the way, you would assume an issue like this would be resolved swiftly then). Wasted time in the busiest time of the year in November crashing my conversion rate because of this app, and paid for it to not do its main job (the discount codes) that is meant to do. Not sure what all those other 5-star reviews are for.

Flapper Head
2 måneder bruger appen
21. september 2022

Virker ikke med mængderabat, prisen vises uden rabat. Har skrevet et par gange med support uden en reel løsning på problemet.

15 dage bruger appen
AfterSell by Rokt svarede 28. januar 2023

Hej, vi kan desværre ikke understøtte alle integrationer fra starten. Når det er sagt, er vi altid åbne for at bygge nye integrationer, hvis der er efterspørgsel fra flere butikker. Vi håber at kunne bygge denne integration ud i fremtiden. Undskyld for ulejligheden.
Co-Founder @ UpCart