UpliftHero — One Click Upsell

UpliftHero — One Click Upsell

av Shoptimized

Pop-Up-Free One Click Upsell, Cross Sell-Thank You Page Upsell

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One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

Upsell products (OCU)to your customers without interrupting their user experience or the checkout flow. Works seamlessly on desktop & mobile

No Conversion-Killing Pop-Ups

Most so-called upsell apps can increase your AOV, but your conversion rate often suffers because they rely on annoying pop-ups, this doesn't

Post-Purchase Upsell

Add extra profits with a post purchase upsell from the Thank You Page. Incentivize shoppers to spend more with free shipping or discounts.

Om UpliftHero — One Click Upsell

Get Heroic Support 7-Days A Week.

One Click Upsells (OCU) Without Annoying Pop-Ups

Most one click upsell pop-ups get closed before the shopper even sees your offers. Or worse still, they lead to unnecessary abandonment. This is because they irritate your visitors and cost you lost sales. UpliftHero does it differently...

Boost Your Average Order Value WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Conversion Rate

The BIG problem with most so-called upsell apps is that although they can increase your average order value, your conversion rate often suffers because they rely on annoying and often buggy pop-ups.

Sure, they help bump-up your AOV but the distraction of a pop-up usually lowers your overall conversion rate.

This unintentional side-effect means overall, you may well be worse off than you were without the upsell pop-up.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, UpliftHero routinely upsells & cross-sells products to your customers without interrupting their user experience or the checkout flow.

And to make sure your upsells get maximum exposure, UpliftHero cleverly places them immediately under your Add-to-Cart button—just where your visitors’ attention is focused when they’re ready to buy.

Thank You Page Upsell (Also known as the Order Confirmation Page)

Reconvert your customers with this sweet upsell feature. Post-purchase upsells are the perfect way to make more profit from each sale you make. Plus customers come back to it regularly when they're checking their order status.

Designed to Leverage One of The Most Powerful Principles in e-Commerce

UpliftHero rewards and incentivizes your visitors to add more items to their cart by leveraging your free shipping threshold (one of the most powerful motivators in e-commerce).

It’s no secret that offering a free shipping threshold can massively increase your average order value.

All this means a massive increase in AOV without sacrificing your conversion rate, plus reduced cart abandonment compared to other apps.

Alternative for Boost-Sales App by Beeketing

On Aug 13th 2019, Shopify announced the removal of all Beeketing & BoostFlow apps, e.g. Countdown Cart, Checkout Boost or Boost-Sales - Upsell - Cross-sell by Beeketing

Great replacement for ClickFunnels (Click Funnels), Bold Cashier, Carthook, Sweet Upsell, VITALS, Checkout X, Hatchful, InterCart, Upsell Bundles, Upsell System, Ultimate Upsell, Magebird, Discounted Upsells, Upsell X & Zipify OCU

Fully customizable:

  • Want to only offer cross-sells on certain products? No problem
  • Want to upsell straight from the Thank You Page? Absolutely
  • Choose the incentive you offer to get people to spend more
  • Avoid showing irrelevant upsells to your customers
  • Customize the look and feel to suit your brand

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4.3 av 5 stjärnor

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Looks like an interesting app. I been testing it for a week. A bit buggy but with much potential. Unfortunately their support for the app and for the whole Shoptimized theme is slow compared to other apps and themes. I receive answers between 24-48 hours which has slowed my work quite a lot throughout the process of building my store.. A bit frustrating, I will still give it another opportunity and update this review if the experience changes..

Utvecklarens svar

6 december 2019

Sorry to hear that, if you messaged us over the weekend response times can be a little slower as our main development team work Mon - Fri but our support staff are available 7-days a week.


We installed this app a month back and have been using it since then. It is easy to use and gets the job done. Totally worth the subscription.

Bath Parlor

UpliftHero has made it super easy to boost sales and be most cost-effective with shipping. Not offering free shipping was killing my business for a bit but UpliftHero helped me get people to order more to make it worth it to offer it. W-O-R-T-H I-T