Unlimited Offer Bars & Promotion Smart Elements

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Several Types Objects

Create several objects based on multi purposes Offer and Coupon bars, popups and smart elements to encourage customers to buy more

Smart Target

Define smart targets for all objects based on user behavior, GEO and time. Generate dynamic contents from API

Boost Sales

Encourage people to stay on your store by offering coupons and offers anywhere you prefer

关于 Seedo

SeedoⓇ is a smart object generator app which shows smart contents like Coupon Bars or Offers Popups, Sales notifications and Dynamic contents. You can also show elements anywhere you prefer or hide them based on user behaviors or Geolocation.

About Smart Objects Want a simple cookie bar or a FREE SHIPPING popup for specific customers or visitors? Would you like to show more products and encourage people to visit them instead of leaving the store? This is the right app which allows you to make unlimited smart elements and could be customizable based on user location or even store time.

Put elements anywhere you wish or let them appear top or even bottom of all or specific pages based product ID or in one category.

Notifying your visitors about personalizing coupon code and do not let them leave your store with tempting offers which will appear in a popup or bars and pushing them to make an order on your store.

Multi-types Smart Elements

There are several types of elements with static and dynamic contents. Even Seedo offers custom objects which could be designed and customized by the owner. Each element has different attributes and supports all style CSS variables. Appearing positions on pages are flexible for all elements.

Analytics Reports & Integratable

All elements will track and you can see a full report of triggers in your dashboard. Also, you can integrate elements with your own tracking apps such as Google Tag Manager.

Smart Objects

All elements can behavior based on several given data such as IP, language and geo. Also, elements can be shown or hide after a specific time.

No Annoying Objects

Seedo integrates beautifully into your product page(s) so you won't annoy your customers with constant elements. Also, all elements could be customized with many options such as hide after times, hide after X times or show only based on the user's device.

Cookies Based

When the user does not want to see a section, they can easily click on the exit button. Clicks data to hide an element is stored in the browser's cookie, which allows users to not see a message or a section several times. However, this could be disabled by the owner and you can show an element based on given settings.

Fully Customizable Template & Appearance

Easily customize and style the HTML of notifications - very developer friendly.

Real-time Personalization

Create custom smart dynamic or static objects that change page content in real-time to depending on the shopper's state to create unique and engaging shopper experiences that increase sales.



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  • All types of elements
  • Target Display Option
  • 10,000 Triggers
  • Customizable Elements
  • Device Targeting
  • HTML-based Editor
  • Condition Customizable



  • All Basic+
  • Visitor Targeting
  • All Type of Elements
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Reports of Tracking
  • Smart Geo/Country targeting
  • Analytics integrations

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