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24. februar 2023

I don't usually leave reviews but when the team reached out to ask about leaving a review I just had to.

The UPS app has, first of all, made my life easier, I used to use which is so time-consuming and a legacy system which would not integrate with Shopify and CSV input let me down multiple times. This app helps me ship orders really quickly and has put an end to data input! I tried a few other apps for UPS integration and none of them worked well for me.

Secondly, the support team has been amazing. Questions have been answered quickly and they've taken my feedback and implemented new features to make the shipping process even better. This is just awesome.

Lastly, It's free! App fees can add up over the year and great to have a fantastic app that's free!

Thanks you

Functional Tennis
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Redigert 5. juni 2023

ok - Ruben is the absolute BEST! I had originally downloaded the app and couldn't get any printers to show (we use a Zebra GC420d). So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it hoping this would help. One thing lead to another and the app got really messed up.

Ruben helped fix all the issues I had created by uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times. App now works great!

If you have any issues with your printer not being found, do not uninstall the app - simply send support a message and they will walk you through a quick process to get everything synced!

I would highly recommend this app if you want to use your own UPS shipping account with Shopify.

Thanks again Ruben - you are the very best! This app is a partner of UPS.
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23. november 2022

This Free app from UPS saved me from the pain of using so many shipping apps. The apps simply works all the time. The best feature of this app is that it will create a Commercial Invoice for all international shipments automatically as soon as label is printed. All the features in the app dashboard are easier to navigate. Best of all, they provided me with the best support, which is so quick even for all technical questions. Thanks Ruben!!! All the labels are printed with order number on it, the tracking details will be automatically updated to shopify and to customer, the tracking updates goes to customer directly from UPS in respective multiple languages and If the shipping methods in Shopify are automatically mapped to the methods in this UPS App Dashboard, then that would be an incredible feature and removes confusion for those who would want to use multiple shipping companies. If you use only UPS, then no problem at all.

Robin Ruth
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26. september 2022

We started using UPS Shipping Dashboard because of the better integration provided by this App to Shopify. Setup was straight forward. Orders are faster to process as it picks them up from Shopify and fulfils them back to Shopify with tracking once processed. Saved multiple steps for our order processing team. Any minor setup issues we had; their support team sorted them. In fact, support is top notch all round, small functionality issues were fixed or improved in hours. They have even taken on-board a few suggestions to add functionality that will mean faster ways of dealing with customer service issue from our side. If you have UPS & Shopify, UPS Shipping Dashboard is great.

Fireplace Factory Outlet
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Redigert 23. mai 2023

I've had an excellent experience with the UPS Shipping (Official) app on our Shopify store. This application is a game changer - it's impressively user-friendly and far more intuitive than navigating the UPS website itself. Its standout feature is the effortless shipping process, made possible by directly pulling all necessary data from Shopify. This seamless integration has made our work remarkably efficient.

However, the absolute jewel in the crown is the phenomenal customer service provided by Ruben. His exceptional support has not only made the technical aspects of the app more accessible, but his consistently prompt responses, friendly demeanour, and willingness to go the extra mile have been invaluable.

The fact that this application is available for free only adds to its appeal. Without a doubt, it's the best solution we've found for generating shipping labels efficiently. I would highly recommend the UPS Shipping (Official) app to anyone in the e-commerce business. A big thank you to Ruben and the UPS team for delivering such an outstanding service!

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Redigert 28. mars 2023

This app has massively helped us streamline shipping items with UPS. In just a few clicks you can create a label, as the address from each order automatically flows in from Shopify. We managed to set up the postage labels to print with our Dymo 4XL. You can also set it so a specific shipping option on Shopify corresponds with a shipping option in this app, but we always change this ourselves. The shipping options on the app are slightly confusing, apart from the "Standard" one. For example, Next Day option is named as "UPS Worldwide Saver / Express Saver", which is what the customer sees when they get tracking. As the "UPS Express" is the faster Next Day option which costs more. At this moment I believe you are also not able to mark the order for pickup, you have to drop it off at an Access Point etc.

Overall this is a very useful app, which will save you so much time. Support is very quick to reply and is making the app better all the time...

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12. desember 2022

Ruben is the BEST! Thank you for all your support.

Integration has made our life easier. Thank you to UPS for this free service. I've tried to use a lot of shipping apps before, but none of them worked so well. If you need such an application, this application is for you.

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Redigert 10. mars 2023

I had the best customer service experience with Yassir (Belgium). He was clear, patient, and very knowledgeable. I was so stressed prior to the call, about shipping in Canada and to the States because it is all so new to me. But now, I feel saved from the stress of watching endless youtube videos to find answers. He walked me through every step and sent me some links that will help me get an account manager. I'm truly happy to have such a great person like Yassir to help me out! (long but I needed to pour out my heart)

Mary Queen Trade
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26. juni 2023

Agree with all other feedback to date. the app significantly reduces our processing time (compared to website) and reduces opportunity for human error copying from one system to another. We can continue to manage growth in-house for a greater period, before taking the leap to 3PL support. Rubens support has been fantastic with a refreshing approach, listening to customers needs and making instant improvements to the system if needed, most unexpected for a large company such as UPS, can't recommend highly enough.

PLANTEM®️ by Marshy Ridge Ltd
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Redigert 19. juli 2023

Not working at all, keep on crashing, tried several times to uninstall it and doing it on several browser ... same issue

*** Updated review ***

After writing my 1 star review, I've been contacted very quickly by the support.
I was lucky enough to be understood and helped by the VERY efficient : Yassir Kaissoumi and I am happy to write his name here so other people can refer to him to have a good, quick and efficient solution.

We fixed my issue in the next 24h.
I don't give a 5 stars because of the original experience and because the process is definitely not user friendly and system messages are confusing leading to mistakes (what happened here in this case).

I still had a couple of issues in particular with being able to see all my orders in may Shopify app, and this evening it is finally correct.

I really am thankful for the quality of the service provided after my bad review and I encourage people to ask for support because it is a good quality one.

La Pâte de l'Ours - Shop
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