Upsell by Email

Upsell by Email

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Product upsell by email marketing | Email bundles | Mass email

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Upsell by email

A toolset to make a perfect email. Templates can be specified for customers from all over the world.

Purchase-based notifications

Make your email campaigns effective as your offers are based on customers' purchases history.

Instant statistics and reports

Accurate & useful stats to discover a variety of new ways to engage your customers.

Om Upsell by Email

Would you like to increase your profit on the sale from EVERY customer coming to your store?

Would you like to stay in touch with your customers and make your emails another point of sale? Would you like to discover a seamless way to promote and upsell your products by email? If yes - you came up for the right app.

How it works?

When a customer completes an order, an email is sent with a 'relevant products' offer based on the content of the order. In contrast to ordinary "thank you" email showing gratitude for a purchase, you can additionally suggest products that can be of customer's interest.

Set time intervals to sale more

Yes, you can send emails immediately "on-the-go", but keep in mind that some customers tend to make their next purchase later. Try to send a letter in several days, weeks, or months to find the best approach for motivation.

Fine-tune campaigns to gain effectiveness

You can adjust your promo campaign so the customer previously made order will get a round of e-mails with upsell offers for relevant products within a time interval specified (e.g., you can set 1 or 2 weeks, or a month).

Various upsell offers

Your customers won't dismiss a notice if you send them something new every time. Try to send offers with different products so the customers will get unique and attractive proposals. You'll stay in touch with your customers without any additional marketing efforts, as all the upsell offers are sent automatically.

Easy to use

You select products that will be offered to a customer in emails. The design of these emails can be adjusted for any theme with the help of an excellent insightful editor with a preview mode. You can change any element of the email (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors, etc.) without any knowledge of CSS/HTML.

24/7 Support

We will always guide you if you need a helping hand. The app is very easy to set up, but please feel free to call, chat with us in the app or send an email.





4.8 av 5 stjärnor

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Just Corgi Stuff

1. FREE!
2. Amazing customer service
3. Easy to use
4. All the necessary for email upsell
5. Not trying to add tons of different things. Just the most important ones.

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7 december 2020

Thank you! Hope you'll keep enjoying the app for a long-long time :)


Works great. Best free email upsell app. I just started to use it and have a results already! Faster support. Thank you guys!

Utvecklarens svar

30 januari 2020

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that :)
You are more than welcome, so don't hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulties!


Quick respond, I just start it and hopefully it works pretty well. Thanks to rep Alexander. Really helpful

Utvecklarens svar

20 maj 2019

Thank you for your review and recommendation! We're glad that our support team was able to assist you. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out!