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4 de agosto de 2019

I am unable to create upsells based on Collections which is very important to me. Also, you have to place coding into your theme by editing your theme in order to get the app to work, verses just clicking a few buttons and having it implemented.

In order to uninstall this feature, you have to go back to your theme and remove the coding. This can be very confusing and dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

I would like a more user friendly app with more capabilities. This is not what I need but I wish it much success.

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Zooomy respondió 4 de agosto de 2019


We are very sorry for the issues you faced.
Our app does not have collection feature yet , we have not advertise it on our listing as well. We have never said that our app has this feature.

Also, to add code , we ask to add code because every theme has different structure and coding and we can not place code without asking to customer. Because everyone prefers some specific location to show cross sells.

If we add cross sell automatically in our customer's theme , and if you they not like it, they can post 1 star. To avoid this , we always ask customer to choose their location and add embed code.

We understand that not everyone knows how to add coding , and for this we have added a note in our app to contact us if you face any issues / need help in app installation.

Please reply to this email , so we can talk and fix all the issues for you.