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Fecha de modificación: 2 de julio de 2024

I used to love this app. Recently, there has been a spate of issues specifically with the Thank You Page offer. Customer service is excellent though, they resolved my issues quickly and refunded 2 months worth of subscription charges.

Issues I faced were:
1) Thank you page upsell offer had a bug for iOS devices preventing check out
2) Thank you page upsell offer showed prices that were 100x higher than actual, affecting conversion as the prices showed was $2200 vs actual $22
3) Post Purchase Page offer had some payment collection issues, so some products were sold and delivered to customers without receiving the money
4) Product add on offer is showing different currencies in checkout vs on product page, affecting conversion rates

Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
Logbase respondió 10 de febrero de 2023

Hi Ben,
First, we are sorry for the difficulties you had to face with the app. I hope we have resolved the issues now. We try our best to work well out of the box, but with the huge number of apps in Shopify and different setups, conflicts do come up occasionally. But we learn and keep improving the app.

I am the co-founder, and the team has brought this issue to my notice. We will continue to keep an eye on your store and make sure you have a happier experience!
Also, thank you for patiently staying with us!

Thank you,
Co-founder, Selleasy.

Fecha de modificación: 9 de febrero de 2024

Updated: The app keeps saying it is typical, however, I've tested this in a few ways and it still stalls. Even after click the x it just stays on that screen. After deleting the app, my sales came back, if you are wondering why you are not getting any sales after installing. I would test by deleting the app to see if it was the app.

the app was great to use before but you need to go through the process like your customers. I have been trying to get the issue fixed whenthe customer x out of the option but it just spins. It ruins the experience and people are leaving the website. I tested another pop up and it would take about 3-5 just to close. Sadly, I will be deleting the app.

Designs By Wildside
Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
Logbase respondió 4 de noviembre de 2022

Updated: Since we have received no response to our previous email, we have reached out to you again. We are more than happy to connect with you anytime to address this matter.

Upon reviewing our chat and email exchanges, it appears there are some misunderstandings. Typically, our upsell pop-up requires 2-3 seconds to redirect to the checkout. However, if there are other third-party apps in the cart, this may contribute to a delay in reaching the checkout page. This is due to the necessity for multiple third-party apps to interact, add the selected product to the cart, and then safely redirect to checkout.

We understand your concern regarding the potential impact on your customers' experience. It's important to note that our app is not the sole cause of checkout delays. We hope for your understanding that attributing the blame solely to our app is not fair, considering this scenario is common in most Shopify stores.

Additionally, we have sent you an email containing a screen recording demonstrating the performance of our cart upsell pop-up without any other third-party apps in the cart. We are also available to connect with you at your convenience to address and resolve this matter promptly.

8 de enero de 2022

I really wanted to keep this app but only since I installed this app my store started to move EXTREMELY slow. My theme editor could not load and the app's dashboard also does not load.

Let's Get Customized
Trinidad y Tobago
13 días usando la aplicación
Logbase respondió 9 de enero de 2022

I have reached out to you on email to get this sorted. In general an app cannot slow down the Shopify theme editor, so it could possibly be slowness with the Shopify admin at that time. Also our apps are designed in a way to load in parallel with your online store and not affect performance. However, let's connect and check this to resolve or rule out any issues with our app.

7 de octubre de 2023

4 días usando la aplicación
Logbase respondió 9 de octubre de 2023

We kindly request you to let us know how we can improve your experience with us. We happened to check your storefront, and we suspect that our app has not been enabled in the Theme's App embed. We have also reached out to you by email with potential mandatory checks. Hope we can quickly resolve this for you.