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21. helmikuu 2024

I am SO INCREDIBLY UPSET. i spent literally so many hours trying to get the app to run my buy 1 get 1 50% off offer. encountered a bunch of bugs that required their team to edit my theme. my campaign launch was delayed.

finally after getting support from their staff and launching the discount, as orders came in, i realized that this offer wasn't even possible!!! it literally made customers be able to get 1 item and get everything at 50% off! their support staff gave me WRONG INFORMATION.

I wasted so so much time on this app, all for nothing. i am forced to delete this app and find another app.

this app is not intuitive at all. so many things i needed to clarify with their team.

the only positive things from this experience is that they have live chat. and that Glen went on a zoom call with me to troubleshoot as per my request, and did overtime to help.

otherwise, i would NOT recommend this app at all.

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UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine vastasi 23. helmikuu 2024

Summary: The issue arose due to a misunderstanding of the setup process.

Dear Nicole,

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. It's important to me that I address this personally.

Regarding the issue you encountered with setting up the Buy 1 Get 1 offer, it appears there was a misunderstanding in the process. To create such an offer, you need to create either a Bundle offer or a normal offer and preselect the offer products.

Unfortunately, it seems you selected multiple products as the offer items, assuming customers could only choose one. This led to the unintended behavior where customers were able to select any or all products from the list. This is the default behavior of our normal offer; customers can select any or all products from the list. In the case of a bundle offer, customers can only select them together.

Additionally, if you wish to offer different products as part of the offer, you can explore our AI recommendation feature. This feature can display a limited number of related or complementary products as the offer items. If you set the limit to one, it will display only one product as the offer item. For a better understanding of this feature, please refer to the following article: AI-driven Product Recommendation.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment you've faced. It's unacceptable that the support staff provided information, leading to further complications with your campaign launch. While it's positive to hear that our live chat feature and Glen's assistance were helpful to some extent, I understand that this does not outweigh the overall negative experience you've had.

Your feedback regarding the lack of intuitiveness and the need for constant clarification is valuable and will be shared with our team for improvement. Please know that we take your feedback seriously and will strive to make necessary improvements to prevent similar issues in the future.

Please let me know if you need further clarification or if you'd like to arrange a call, so we can assist you better.

In case of further queries please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.

Customer Support Lead at Helixo

3. elokuu 2023

Unfortunately the App charge a lot of money while is based on "orders" doesn't matter if they are generated from online store or PoS (while we have 80% orders by PoS and less than 100 orders from online) and force you to spend as you have hundreds of order.
So is good if you just sell online, bad if you have also PoS connected.

Garage Coffee Bros.
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UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine vastasi 4. elokuu 2023


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We genuinely value all input from our users as it helps us improve our services.

We understand your concern regarding the pricing structure based on "orders," and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused, especially for businesses with a majority of Point of Sale (PoS) orders.

We understand that we offered an unlimited offer with better discounts, but we regret that it didn't meet your expectations.
We assure you that we will take your feedback into account as we make further improvements to our pricing plans.
Our intention is to provide a fair pricing model that caters to various business types, but we acknowledge that it may not always align perfectly with every customer's specific needs.

Please know that we are constantly evaluating our pricing strategy and actively seeking ways to enhance the value we offer to all our users.
Your feedback is invaluable in helping us identify areas for improvement.
We are diligently considering options to make our pricing more flexible and accommodating, especially for businesses like yours with a significant number of PoS orders.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you in finding the best possible solution that suits your business requirements.

Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We are committed to serving you better and making your experience with our app more rewarding.

In case of further queries please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.
- Tinu, Customer Support Lead at Helixo

24. heinäkuu 2023

I thought it was 1 of the most inconsiderate encounters with Customer Service I have ever had.

1. They mentioned our product was out of stock, and I sent a loom video showing it was not. They didnt take the time to read the concern.

2. Then they showed me a screen shot of a 404 error code without any context.

3. In between, they went on a Dinner break but without letting me know how long I should wait for.

4. Lastly, they didnt give me the HTML code to embed into Replo, that would solve the issue. They didnt answer the 2 questions I sent about this, and the customer service rep didnt speak to the Dev team like I asked, in order to get the code.

It was a very strange and unprofessional encounter.

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UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine vastasi 26. heinäkuu 2023


First of all, thank you for the invaluable feedback.
We extend our sincere apologies for the highly disappointing customer service experience you encountered while seeking assistance with our product.
Allow me to address each issue you raised and assure you that we are taking immediate steps to rectify our shortcomings.

1. Regarding the misunderstanding about the product's availability, I want to clarify that when previewing from the funnel settings, we could only see the product page from Shopify. As the product was in draft form and not active, we received a 404 error (indicating unavailability/out-of-stock status). It was only upon checking the product page link you shared that we realized it was a custom-made page. Also, I acknowledge that we should have carefully reviewed the loom video you shared to better understand that the product was, in fact, in stock. We sincerely apologize for not giving your concern the attention it deserved. We will conduct a thorough review of our customer service procedures and retrain our support team to improve their attentiveness, communication, and responsiveness.
2. Presenting a screenshot of a 404 error code without context was indeed unhelpful and confusing. We fully understand that clear communication is essential in promptly resolving issues, and we failed to meet that expectation. To improve communication, our customer support team will provide context with error explanations, offer clear solutions, and prioritize timely responses to promptly address customer concerns.
3. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our team's dinner break. However, we noticed that you have received an automated message about our dinner break, wherein it is mentioned that we will be back within 30-45 minutes.
4. We have discussed your requirement with our team and thoroughly explored all possibilities for integrating with custom pages, but unfortunately, we are unable to offer this feature at the moment.
That's why we couldn't give you an HTML code to embed as mentioned above. However, I want to assure you that we value your feedback and take your feature request seriously.
We have already added the integration with custom pages as a feature request in our portal: []. Please consider voting for this feature, and you will receive updates via email once it is released.
Our development team regularly reviews these requests, and we will make every effort to incorporate this feature in future updates. Additionally, we will establish better internal communication channels to ensure a more coordinated and efficient approach to resolving customer queries.

We understand that this experience was unusual and not reflective of the level of service we aim to provide.
Once again, I apologize for the disappointing encounter, and I hope you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the level of service we strive to offer to all our valued customers.

In case of further queries, please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.
Customer Support Lead at Helixo.

4. maaliskuu 2022

I installed this app to try. It didn't fit my needs so deleted it during the trial period. App leaves code you need to manually delete from your store. If you're just going to to try make sure you're comfortable with removing their leftover code manually.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine vastasi 5. maaliskuu 2022

Hi Omer Ozener, thank you for the review! But that's not true 🚫 (New merchants don't get confused). I can explain in detail, our app is one of the few apps that do this in a clean way!! 🧹

1. Most of the apps add some code to the theme for the proper working of the app. But most of the apps don't remove it because after uninstall apps lose access to the theme. 🥊

2. What UFE do differently is we optimized 🪄 our code in a way that it only loads the code if the app is installed. (For other apps, the theme injected code still loads and runs in merchants store)

# In order to check it yourself, install and uninstall UFE, then 🤿
Step 1: go to your store in Chrome browser and press "Ctrl + U" or "⌘ + U" to view the source code of the store
Step 2: Find for "" keyword inside it, so you can check whether the code still adding on to the storefront or not. In our case, you can't find "ufe" related keywords because it's designed in a way to include only if the UFE is installed. But this is not the case for some other apps.

For the sake of transparency, after uninstall, we do send an email to the merchant informing about removing code snippets with a detailed article about it. We also recommend to contact us if the merchant needs help, we will do it for them as soon as possible. 🤝

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your positive review and for allowing me to explain it to everyone! 🙌

In case of further queries please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.

- Nikitha, Customer Support Advocate.