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9. elokuu 2019

Exactly what I was looking for and quick to set up. I initially ran into a snag due to our custom theme and contacted customer support. They were quick and friendly in their response.

Arrow Safety Device
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15. toukokuu 2021

This is an awesome and outstanding app, very helpful for both beginner and profesional. I recommend it eye closed.

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29. heinäkuu 2020

Great app, it was very easy to install and get started! Check out our upsells at www.makers4medicine.org

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5. marraskuu 2020

This app has been a HUGE booster in my sales on www.shoppingspreez.com. Customers win, we win, and everyone's happy!

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17. helmikuu 2021

This is a fantastic, easy app. This really adds to the customer experience as well as the opportunity to sell in a particular order / sequence. Highly recommend.

Jessie Breakwell Gallery
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30. marraskuu 2020

Great app, works perfectly! I added 2 more products relating to my main product, for my customers to choose!

LunaSky Technologies
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Muokattu 24. huhtikuu 2020

It is easy to use and for my small business was very helpful. I will recommend if you are looking for a boost. Thank you! One important finding is that resistance to the sale typically occurs later in the process for new innovations than for established products. That’s because customers are often curious about new products, so more of them will say yes to an initial meeting.

Poppy Store
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2. lokakuu 2020

Started experimenting with upsale at www.marielabagnato.com and I'm liking it so far :) Upsalles are a great way to improve AOV

Mariela Bagnato Beauty & Shop
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16. toukokuu 2020

I used this app to help me create a sales funnel, driving more sales and getting my store to where I want it to be. I like how it was easy to set up and unlike some other apps, it didn’t leave my store looking crazy, like a total dropshipping store. It had a nice finish.

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19. lokakuu 2020

Absolutely awesome app, I highly recommend it! It really adds a lot of value and increases the average order spend.

Ryme Audio
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