SellUp • Upsell App

SellUp • Upsell App


Upsell, Post Purchase, Add On, Cross sell & Cart Upsells.

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Powerful Upsell Offers

Increase Sales by offering targeted upsells directly on the product page. Create the best Action Upsells and increase your revenue.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Precision

Create offers that make sense by offering beneficial upsells, cross-sells, Add on’s and one click upsells. Free Plan Available.

Upsell Product Kits

Create the perfect upsell journey from the product page through to the thank you page. Maximise your upsell revenue with SellUp.

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Increase your revenue with SellUp

Want to know how to upsell products on Shopify?Join 1000's of merchants who have multiplied their revenue by offering targeted upsell offers. Create On-Page upsells that sit below the product's add to cart. Create Powerful Action Upsells that show when the Product's add to cart is clicked, in a high converting popup. Create the perfect upsell journey for your customers.

With SellUp, you can create bold, precision based cross-sells / upsells for your Shopify store. From the product page through to the thank you page, you can offer the best upsell flow at multiple touch points throughout the customer journey. You can achieve Product Add On's or change the upsell section title to anything you want. You can offer Post Purchase Upsells, powerfully positioned on the order confirmation page.

With some brilliant in-built design settings, SellUp will inherit your stores theme settings so the whole upsell process looks seamless as opposed to being "bolted on". You can tweak individual elements to make sure your upsells look the best.

As well as selecting products to cross-sell and upsell, we also give you control over the message. Instead of displaying the offer's product title, you can display a powerful call to action. For example, if you were selling a coffee machine, an upsell could be some coffee filters. You could make the title, "Want some extra filters?" giving the customer a clear call to action for the upsell and a reason to buy.

SellUp is the perfect app to turn single product orders into multiple product orders. Great for all Shopify stores including self-fulfilled, Dropshipping Stores, Print on Demand stores and digital product stores.

Included with SellUp

  • Create "Action Upsell" triggered from Add to Cart
  • Create Add on / Bundle Style Offers
  • Offer In Cart Upsell
  • NEW: Post Purchase Upsells
  • Free Upsell Plan Available
  • Create & Display Best Upsells
  • Unlimited Upsells/Cross-sells
  • Popup Upsells
  • Product Addons
  • Rule based per products or collections
  • Product Accessories, Kits & Bundles
  • Allows variant upsells & One Click Upsell
  • Product page based Upsell/Cross-sells
  • Seamless integration with flexible styling
  • Show a custom message/call to action on upsells
  • Show/Hide Price

Just install the SellUp upsell App and that's it. If you have any issues, check out the documentation or drop us a support request.

Why SellUp?

SellUp can increase your store's revenue and average order value using targeted upsells. By offering more of what the customer may be interested in, you are improving the customers shopping experience as well as increasing your shop's revenue. SellUp pays for itself with the increase in average order value it brings, a win-win!

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Free Plan


  • Create 1 Upsell
  • Basic Support



  • For stores on the Shopify Basic Plan
  • Create Unlimited Upsells
  • Unlock Action Upsells, In Cart Upsells & Post Purchase
  • Premium Support



  • For stores on the Shopify Plan
  • Create Unlimited Upsells
  • Unlock Action Upsells, In Cart Upsells & Post Purchase
  • Premium Support



  • For Shopify Advance/Plus
  • Create Unlimited Upsells
  • Unlock Action Upsells, In Cart Upsells & Post Purchase
  • Priority Premium Support

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** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.6 con 5 estrellas

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Don't Bother Grandma

I used this app to help me create an add on price to customise a garment. I like how easy it was to use. I would prefer it if it wasn't a product I had to add on but just a price as the add on itn't a stand alone product.

Two Comma PR

Dan was quick to respond and sort out the postioning of the upsell for me, and it looks fantastic. The sell up app in general is a really nice way to upsell to your customers.

Gorgeous and Green

I installed the app and followed all instructions. The upsell did not appear on the product collection I selected. I then hardcoded the provided snippet. Still no upsell shown on my products.

Respuesta del desarrollador

22 de octubre de 2021

Update: The issue has been detected on an edited version of the Symmetry theme. The edits are a result of the Bold Subscription App causing JS errors in the console. On the original version of the theme, SellUp and other apps are loading correctly. I have provided this information in a support ticket. Kind regards, Dan.

Hey there! Thanks for your feedback. Upon checking your store, the issue is with your theme blocking our app. As we have no prior support requests from you, we have gone ahead and reached out. Whilst this can seem a frustrating and stressful experience, this is simply unavoidable from time to time with certain stores. Thankfully you will see from our great feedback that once it works for you, we’ll get that frown turned upside down! :)