Upsell Progress Bar

Upsell Progress Bar


Boost your sales with this unique progress bar

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Boost your sales

This progress bar is an incentive to add more products to cart

Offer a gamified UX

An original animation that entertains your customers and marks their minds

Stand out from competition

All e-commerces have the same boring, classic shopping cart, don't be like them

有關 Upsell Progress Bar

How does Upsell Progress Bar boost the average order value of your store?

Upsell Progress Bar is a progress bar which fills up each time your customer adds a product to his cart, and allows him to unlock free gifts. Example: unlock free delivery at $30 or a free product at $100.

We strongly believe that seeing the progress bar fill up live is an animation that will entertain your customers and make them add more products to their cart. Upsell Progress Bar is a simple and original way to increase your average order value and therefore your sales.

Configure your Upsell Progress Bar in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose 1 or 2 gift(s) to be unlocked. Example: free shipping.
  2. Choose the amount at which each gift will be unlocked. Example: $ 30.
  3. Customize the color of the progress bar so that it matches your store's design.
  4. Place the progress bar wherever you want on your store.

Demo store's password: hackathon

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4.7 5 顆星

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Prevail Key Co.

The app is awesome but the support is even better! I sent an email asking for help and had someone respond within 10 minutes and got me up and running. They even changed the color of one of the icons for me to fit my website theme. Amazing app and support!


Great app. Easy and straightforward setup. I was able to have more upsells quite quickly. I would definitely recommend it. Also, I had a question, and the support team replied to me in less than a day. Great work!



A huge thank you for leaving this wonderful review! We are so happy that you are satisfied with our onboarding process and our support. We wish you all the best for your store!

This app is very simple to use and the support team is GREAT! The app gives you a lot of options to customize your progress bar so it can match your store. I would like it to have a few more features but I believe there are some updates coming so that will be great!



Thank you very much for this positive review! We are truly committed to building the best application possible for our clients. We took into account your feature request (the possibility to offer $10 off any orders over $200) and put it on top of our to-do list. We will send you an e-mail as soon as we ship this feature. Thank you again!