Upsells Cross‑Sells

Upsells Cross‑Sells


Upsell and Cross-sell popup after add to cart or exit intent.

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Add more products to cart

Upsell and Cross-Sell Popups

Improve order size

Increase your Sales and Order Size

Multiple Upsells and Triggers

After Add to Cart, Checkout Popup, or Exit Intent

Upsells Cross‑Sells 정보

Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Product Bundles

Show complementary products and increase your order sizes. A great way to increase your revenue in minutes.

You can upsell a more expensive version of a similar product, or cross-sell a complementary product offer.

You can display product offers when customers add products to their cart. A popup will show up to a product of your choice giving your customer a chance to buy additional products and increase their order size before checkout.

The Popup can also be set as exit-intent and the and upsell or cross-sell can be shown before the customer leaves your store. This is a great way to showcase promotions as well.

Setup Instructions - PLEASE READ

Install the upsell app and configure it on your store. Most themes work immediately but if you are having any issues and your theme uses ajax on product pages or for some other reason just contact us and we'll get it working for you. It is a 14 day free trial also so we will try and get everything working as you hope during this time.


  1. Multiple Upsells - Create as many upsells as you like and activate or deactivate

  2. Trigger based based popups on products when adding to cart, at cart page before cart is shown, and on cart page after clicking "check out"

  3. EXIT Intent - Show upsell popups just before customers leave your store

  4. Add to cart events options when popup shows.

  5. Popup can be automatically redirected to checkout when a user adds an upsell, stay on the same page, or show a continue to cart button.

  6. Control where the products will show up and on which products popup will show

  7. Design your popup without any code for one or more upsells

  8. Ability to change CSS to truly change the look of your popup to match your brand and store

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Training Top

Good after sales service, application works well, satisfied! I recommend


Absolutely fantastic team. Addison was so prompt in getting back to me and fixing any issues. I can't recommend them enough. If you are new to shopify like me and don't really know what to do, these guys just make life so simple!!!

Thank you again.

The King Herb Enhancer

This app does exactly what we want it to do and it's an affordable flat price compared to alternatives in the app store.

Very clean and light. The option to customize the colors and style of the pop up is an amazing addition. On top of that, you can specify at what point exactly you want the pop up to activate for the customer. Also, very great customer service support.

Thanks guys!