Urb‑it Shipping Module

Urb‑it Shipping Module





We do not add to pollution nor congestion. We deliver only on foot, bicycle or using public transport.


We can deliver as fast as within one hour after you place an order and we do it without motorized vehicles.


We deliver personally. Our customers get to know their Urber, communicate with them as well as edit delivery details along the way.

有關 Urb‑it Shipping Module


This service is available only in PARIS, area, LONDON area, STOCKHOLM area, GÖTEBORG area and LYON area.

The convenient and personal choice

While making the world greener is at the heart of our business, Urb-it is also your most convenient option for same day delivery in London. Clients simply order what they need from your store, whether it's online or a nearby physical store and have it delivered whenever they want and wherever they are.

Get your items delivered to your home, the office or the gym, as soon as possible or when you choose. Right after your customer places an order, the nearest Urber will collect and deliver your order. Your Urber receives all the delivery information as well as extra delivery notes and your customers can also communicate en route.

Eco-certified same day delivery

E-commerce keeps growing at a steady pace and this has changed consumer expectations. Today, we are seeing an increasing demand for fast deliveries from online and physical stores alike. This has again highlighted the so-called last mile delivery problem.

Globally, our logistics systems have an enormous capacity to transport goods across the world, but the local part of the journey has long been a challenge. With a changing climate as well as the pollution and congestion seen in our major cities, there will always be a need for fast and environmentally efficient transport.


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定價 10 天免費試用

可能需支付 外部收費。這些費用由外部供應商收取,且不會顯示在您的 Shopify 發票上。

Light Plan

每月 $15

  • Available on all Shopify Plan
  • Create an order with Urb-it after customer payment
  • Override Urb-It price on Shopify using Local Delivery

Pro Plan

每月 $29

  • Needs Shopify Carrier Service API enabled
  • Use all features by Urb-It
  • Adapt texts and design
  • Dynamic & override prices
  • Great support

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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