Social Proof & Sales Kit

Social Proof & Sales Kit

by LoopClub

Social Proof, Sales Banner, Announcements to boost sales

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Sale Banner & Product Launch

Use custom banners for showing Sale Banner, Product Launch Banner, Important Information like Free Shipping, etc.

Create Urgency using Countdown

Use Timer & Countdown feature in Sale Banners to create urgency and convert users faster.

Collect Email with Sale Banner

Collect email ids to build audience using Sale Banner. Let user subscribe to product launch and upcoming sale. Use countdown & timer as well

About Social Proof & Sales Kit

Urgency & Countdown Kit

With Urgency & Countdown Kit you can do the following:

  • Show Upcoming Sale Information using Top/Bottom Banner.
  • Ask user to subscribe for further information.
  • Show important information such as Discounts, New Product Launches, etc.
  • Collect Emails within Sale Banner.
  • Use Analytics to see which information is most useful for users.
  • Create multiple banner campaigns at the same time to see which one is performing better.
  • Customise Design using Dashboard
  • And a whole lot more.

Easy Setup

You can setup a sale banner within 30 seconds without any help from a developer. Use our dashboard to change colours of text, buttons, background and patterns. You can enable and disable collection of emails within sale banner with the click of a button.

Create Urgency

Use the banners to create urgency about sale and discounts. This will help in converting users faster. Use timer feature to show timer within the sale banner.

Collect Emails

With the click of a button you can start collecting emails from customers. Use this feature to create an audience. Export this list and start sending mails.

Schedule Campaigns

You can schedule campaigns to run within a specific time period. Use this feature so that you do not have to manually enable/disable at the time of sale or any event. All the time settings are in your own timezone.


You can preview the sale banner within the Dashboard even before making the campaign live. See how it will look in realtime on your website.

A/B Test with Multiple Campaigns

You can run multiple campaigns at the same time. A random campaign is selected ,if multiple campaigns are running at the same time within a single slot. There are two slots, top and bottom. You can select the slot from Design tab.

Keep Track

Use our builtin Analytics feature to keep track of Conversions, Views, Clicks, Emails, etc. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time and compare the conversion of each campaign. Keep the one which is performing better.

We have more in store for you. But for now let's get started with Sales Banner, Announcement, Countdown Banner and collect emails to grow even faster.

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Overall rating
4.0 of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews

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Most recent reviews


This app is great if it can make merchants write or type someone instead of using a name and if we can change the country instead of the country showing up as India only. The placement selection is bottom only. I feel like this app is an unfinished work but I like this app because it shows different products from the store which
is pretty awesome. I have disabled from my store because it has only bottom placement and they we are not able to change the country from India to other countries.

Twin Palms Printing

It's fantastic, it's easy to use and functions perfectly. I wish all of my apps were this pain free!