Urgency 3‑In‑1

Urgency 3‑In‑1

Era Of Ecom

Sticky Add-To-Cart, Announcement bar, countdown timer, 3-in-1

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Optimize Your Checkout Process

Improve your conversion rate by giving your store visitors the option to ATC or checkout regardless of where they are on the page!

Boost Your Avg. Order Value

Promote your free shipping and special discount offers to encourage visitors to add more products to their cart, increasing your cart value.

Gorgeous Countdown Timers

Use beautiful countdown timers to highlight your sales and drive customer’s actions

Urgency 3‑In‑1 정보

Urgency 3-in-1

This app is designed to make the buying process as easy as possible for your customers. Oftentimes the checkout or buy button gets lost between product images, description, reviews, and other product page elements, especially when they scroll down!

Sticky Add To Cart allows your store visitors to add the product to the cart, or direct checkout, regardless of where they are on the page with help of a prominent button that's displayed above the fold at all times.

Announcement Bar/ Free-Shipping Bar allows you to boost your cart value and sales by promoting your free shipping offer. Through this feature, you can encourage your store visitors to their cart until it reaches a certain amount, say $100, to get free shipping or a special discount.

Countdown Timer allows helping you to promote your products that are on sale with beautiful countdown timers. Its objective is to highlight those specific products and the timeframe for which they will be on sale for. By using this feature, you will be able to help your customers make the big decision and save some money by highlighting products that you choose and creating urgency around them!

App Features for Sticky Add-To-Cart

  • Display Add-to-Cart or Checkout Button
  • Pixel Friendly Bar
  • Add Variants (optional)
  • Add Quantity (optional)
  • Pixel Friendly App
  • Display Settings
  • Button Animations
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Bar Customization

App Features for Announcement Bar/ Free-Shipping Bar

  • Progressive Messaging
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly
  • Automatically Applies Coupon Code on Checkout
  • Sticky Display Rules
  • Customizable Bar Position
  • Premade Holiday Templates

App Features for Countdown Timer

  • Beautiful Countdown Timers
  • Product & Collection Level Targeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly
  • Premade Holiday Templates

You won’t be charged anything if you uninstall the app before the free-trial is over!

Offer not showing up correctly need theme customization free of cost? Email us at support@eraofecom.org and we will take care of it for you.

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