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Urgent Sales Timer

Urgent Sales Timer

Developed by TrueShop

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  • Spend less time growing your email list and sales
  • Give your customers irresistible offers and make them love you
  • Growth hack your store and put your marketing on auto-pilot

Finally, stop annoying customers with useless pop-ups that don’t mean anything. Instead, make them see why they need to buy now before it’s too late.

Our Countdown pop-up timer creates a pressing sense of urgency for your customers to enter their emails and not miss your sweet deals.

The science behind this is that your customers will NOT want to settle on a smaller discount, so they will make sure to enter their email and use their discount code before it's too late!

★ Create urgency and effortlessly increase sales in the easiest way with Urgent Countdown Timer - the latest Exclusive Urgent Apps Shopify Plug-In

Customers oftentimes delay buying, or wait until a good deal comes up. Urgent Countdown Timer makes it a no-brainer for customers to subscribe to your email list and use their exclusive discounts and check out NOW.

Urgent Countdown Cart is on sale for a limited time and is ready to help you grow your sales with 1 easy click.

We offer 100% free and full access trial for 14 days.

Try it yourself and see the difference the app makes, and how much time and energy you’ll save while we work to bring you more subscribers and sales.

Our paid version is super cheap comparing the result it generates and the positive experience it offers for customers.

★ How to use and How it works.

First, simply install the app and watch the app work its magic with your FREE trial.

After installation, immediately, you’ll get access to customize the different features within the app, like the color of your pop-up, if you want to work as an exit-intent pop up or be displayed after a certain amount of seconds pass, and even how long the timer lasts for!

Urgent Countdown Timer: The easiest and quickest way to get someone to subscribe to your email list is to offer them a good deal that will go away quickly if they don’t act.

Your pop-up timer will be synced with your existing discount codes, so you can have your pop-up display say “Enter your email to get 30% off your next purchase. But hurry, if the 30 second timer runs out, the discount will drop to 5%!”

The Result? Your email list blows up and rapidly increases, which means more sales and more growth for your business without any effort on your part.

★ Responsive and highly customizable designs.
We let you match your timer pop-up with the colors and design that best matches your store, so the process is seamless.

✌ ✌ Why Urgent Countdown Timer is a Must-Have App ✌✌

  • 1. FREE Trial. You have nothing to lose, especially because installing takes 1 simple click.

  • 2. The best way to make your customers feel like they got a SWEET deal and tell their friends.

  • 3. 100% stylish and functional to help you RAPIDLY grow your email list without lifting a finger.

  • 4. The easiest and most seamless installation process with simple customizable features to best fit your store’s look.

  • 5. Suitable for any kind of product or business.

  • 6. Responsive on all devices with eye-catching designs and fun engagement with your customers.

  • 7. One-click installation, no coding required!

  • 8. Highly customizable interface and design.

  • 9. Takes up minimal space and resources on your website, while also increasing email subscribers daily.

Our support

If you find a glitch or compatibility issue with your installation experience, simply send a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible.

We love helping Shopify merchants grow their business, so we are here for you, and want to make it the best possible experience for you to focus your attention and energy on what you do best.

We will respond back to your support request and get you up and running whenever needed.

Feel free to say hello and to also send us your feedbacks and suggestions, we appreciate it!

Offering customers value while also helping you grow your is what Urgent Countdown Timer was built for.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we are here for you!

Let’s do this.

Urgent Sales Timer reviews

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This is a MUST HAVE app for store owners, whether you just opened a shop or have been open for years!!

I didn't think it would do much at first, but I figured the free trial was worth a shot, and boy did this app boost sales!

I think it works well because it makes customers get a great deal on our products in a way that does not make us feel like we are selling TO them, but instead, they want to give us a try. This app makes them get great discounts and gives us a great sales/email list lift---win win situation!

It's a very simple app, which I love because it is very easy to install and customize (and customer service was great).

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to make more sales without spending more time on your shop.


Free for today only! Contact us for ANY questions!

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