Block Redirect Users Ultimate

Block Redirect Users Ultimate


Redirect to Subdomains, Country/IP Blocking, Free App

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Redirect to Subdomains

Hassle-free app to perform country based redirection. You can redirect visitors to the correct store based on the country.

Block countries

Prevent accessing the store from unauthorized countries. Now you can focus on your potential customers instead of stalkers.

Block IPs

If someone keeps annoying to you and try to harm your business, you can block the person by IP with this feature. This cannot block robots.

Sobre Block Redirect Users Ultimate

Let's redirect visitors to their local store or block visitors based on country or IP address.

This is the most straightforward but efficient application in the Shopify app store, which serves visitor redirection and blocking features. We believe that this app will be handy for the store owners who wish to redirect their visitors to the store that is in visitors' local language.

Visitor Redirection

You can set redirection rules to redirect visitors to the appropriate subdomains based on their countries. Eg.

  • US visitors ->
  • Canadian visitors ->

App offers two types of redirection behaviours.

  1. After customizable confirmation message popped up as a banner
  2. Redirect without informing

Visitor Blocking

You can block visitors based on the country or based on the IP address. Blocked visitors see customizable access denied message and nothing in the page.

One-click Install & Uninstall

We do not change your theme code in the installation or uninstallation procedures. Therefore, you do not have to remove code snippets manually after removing the app.


Please ensure to test after configuring every new redirection rule. Broken URLs can redirect users to empty pages.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.

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Free Plan


  • All features are available

  • Unlimited country blocking

  • Number of IP blockings limited to 2

  • Number of Redirection rules limited to 2



  • All the options in Free plan

  • Number of IP blocking limit lifted

  • Number of Redirection rules limit lifted

  • 3 days free trial available

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em dólar norte-americano (USD). As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

5.0 de 5 estrelas

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By far the best app (even among paid ones) available on Shopify app store. Took a couple of minutes to set up and is working really well. The error messages support HTML tags and it works really well. Hope it stays free forever.

Tynor Australia

One of the best apps in the app store I have been able to find in order to block or redirect from countries you don't want your store to appear.
Akila helped me with adding code in the theme liquid and he was very patient in answering all my questions. Thank you once again I wish you all the very best


As I Expected, This app works perfectly, Free is best option.Especially white list is good for me.I really recommend this app.