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Import&export Affiliate Marketing designed for your business

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Global Aff-Marketing platform

Connect your store to our Marketplace seamless through shopify and boost your business with our referral network of affiliates, influencers

Flexible Commission Rate

Offer store credit in return for successful affiliate referrals. Customize the rate, tracking period, check affiliates performance and more

Affiliate Reward Management

Pongo will help you handle everything on affiliate and let you focus on other aspects of your business and products selecting

有關 Pongo Affiliate

What’s affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a sales and marketing strategy where you, the merchant or store owner, encourage your customers, media partners, and brand advocates to refer new business to you in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to a sale. Different from traditional advertising, we won’t charge any advertising costs in advance.The merchant only need to set the commission rate of the products and when the order is generated, we will replace the corresponding amount as the advertising marketing cost according to the commission rate the merchant set. Why Pongo affiliate? Pongo affiliate is an integrated marketing platform for online celebrities and talents tailored for cross-border shopify merchants. We have the resources of affiliates, influencers and media partners in various regions of the world including North America,Southeast Asia,China,Japan and South Korea . As a high-quality traffic channel for shopify merchants, we provide cps marketing services for merchants.

About SMZDM Company

SMZDM.COM - A leading Life-Style Community for Global Chinese in Chinese Market. Founded in 2010, SMZDM is the most influential shopping guide site for worldwide Chinese. SMZDM (acronym for Chinese “what’s worth buying”), focuses on recommending high-quality products, famous brands and reliable e-commerce stores, giving users shopping advice and improving their life quality. By which, SMZDM becomes an efficient promotional platform serving brands and e-merchants with excellent marketing and brand promotion ability. As a company invested by SMZDM, Pongo affiliate has a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with SMZDM since 2017.The talents and influencers from SMZDM will select the products they’re interested in from Pongo Affiliate marketing platform, recommend these products to Chinese consumers via videos ,article and reviews, and help global shopify merchants to open the Chinese market.

How to Join us?

1.Download and install Pongo Affiliate APP from shopify app store. 2.Import your products to Pongo Affiliate. 3.Set commission rate. We’ll classify your product.Influencers can choose to promote your product, bring traffic and orders.

What else we can offer you:

1.Real-time tracking Instantly updates and notifies you of affiliate orders. 2.Build multiple programs: Products will be grouped in each program with specific commission rate. 3.Analyze affiliate performance, Affiliate performance would be summarised with clicks, sales and orders in form of graphs and pie charts that are visible for both merchants and influencers. Track and manage every aspect of your affiliates and affiliate marketing program. See details about referred visits and orders.





3.8 5 顆星


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This app is helped our business so much. Amazing support that answered the problem I had within the same day. They have a system for affiliates that is fit for multiple platforms. it is easy to track, wasn't that hard to install, no need to recruit the affiliate by myself.


Although the layout is simple, the service is great, excited to see the outcome over the weeks to come.


I just downloaded Pongo and so far it's good. I had to contact their support team for some minor help and I was lucky to get assisted by them. the support team is helpful. I offered a good deal for my other website which I think is cool - surely will be in touch once I decided to use the app for my other site.