Product Description Tabs & FAQ

Product Description Tabs & FAQ

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Variant Description + Product Tabs & Accordions + FAQ Page

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Mobile-friendly product tabs

Arrange long product descriptions in accordions & tabs. Automatically switch tabs to accordions on mobile for easy accessibility

Variant based descriptions

Change product description based on selected variant. Show different size charts, care instructions, technical details, etc for each variant

FAQ & Collapsible Accordions

Add collapsible accordions (Questions & Answers) to any page on your store like FAQ page, Returns & Privacy policy, Shipping info, T&C, etc

Über Product Description Tabs & FAQ

Product Descriptions King is one app that solves all problems related to Product Descriptions and FAQs. Here's how:

Mobile-Friendly Product Description Tabs and Accordions

Organize long product descriptions in tabs or collapsible accordions. Automatically switch tabs to accordions on mobile devices for easy accessibility. Customers generally look for information like Technical specifications, Reviews, FAQs, Shipping and return policy, Guarantee and warranty details etc.

Change Product Descriptions on Changing Variant

Every variant of your product has a unique story to tell. Use the app to show different product information based on the selected variant, like, size details, care instructions, technical details, etc for each variant

FAQ Pages and Accordions

Add collapsible accordions (Questions & Answers) section to any page on your store like FAQ page, Returns & Privacy policy, Shipping info, T&C, etc.

Add Reviews in a Tab

Easily add reviews from Shopify Product Reviews, Loox Reviews, Reviews, Yotpo Reviews or any review app in a tab.

Customizable Tabs

Use quick settings to customize the look of tabs and accordions to match your theme. Add advanced CSS to style the design further or ask our team to do it for you.

Easy To Use

  • Write descriptions directly in Shopify's description editing tool
  • Write variant-specific product descriptions by simply adding hashtags
  • Create Accordions/Tabs by using headings in your product description

A variant-specific product description:

  1. Improves your Google search ranking (SEO).
  2. Helps customers to make a purchase decision and improve conversion.
  3. Saves you money and time on orders returned due to the incomplete description.

An inaccurate/incomplete product description is #1 reason for returns on e-commerce stores!

24 hours resolution guarantee

Every store is unique and might require customization in the app to work seamlessly. Our team is here to resolve all your issues and answer your questions within 24 hours.

Trusted by 1000s of stores on Shopify

Developed by StarApps Studio, rated 5 Star by app users. We care for you!

Build for scale. Trusted by Shopify Plus stores.

No matter, if your store is young or has a brand with millions of visitors every day, the app is built to take care of all.

I have a custom theme, will the app support it?

The app supports all popular themes and can be customized to work on any theme.

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Super good support team, very responsive. I am amazed by the app and its results. I can recommend it!


Amazing App. 5 stars for their customer service and help. They responded to all the queries instantly.

Magic Organics Co

I installed this app to make simplify my FAQ page. Through StarApps Studio website, I was able to get help almost instantly. Customer support is 5/5. Highly recommend.