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18. November 2023

App doesn't work with videos in gallery using 3rd-party booster theme (the videos completely mess up the order of our gallery). I have been trying to get a coherent response from the CS team for 2.5 weeks now, and most responses I get are completely unhelpful/didn't even fully read my message. I highly suggest supporting an app that will actually help you when issues arise.

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1. November 2023

Supposed to 'automatically assign images to variants' but this functionality does not exist. Contacted support, did not hear back for almost 24 hours.

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12. Februar 2024

Hello friends,

after the Shopfiy update we saw that a lot of Pictures of the Colours are Helconfudes and mixed.
I dont want to to make all of them new we have so much products and we paying the module money that its working from your side.

Can you please give it a look what happen with your Module?

Legal Power
2. September 2021

I was very suprised that they increased the price as I changed my shopify plan to a higher one. I was using both of their apps to hide variant images and show swatches, but both of them ended to be almost $60/mo. I looked for alternatives that are in the market, and found something that does both things in one app for almost $15/mo.

Oxa Leather
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10. August 2022

- too expensive
- horrible service - if service long responding time
- most expensive app with 25$ a month
I was really patient and it needed a lot of customizations until it was running how I was imagining. I have much cheaper apps and the customer support is amazing.
This app is a flop and not recommended at all.

Orient & Occident Style
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19. Oktober 2018

This app doesn't work with the Handy theme. My web designer experienced a lot of problems with the app blocking changes to my theme, and in the end we had to disable the app to be able to make any changes to the theme! If you're using Handy I would recommend using a shopify expert to help with variants instead (Tasklon were great).

Ta muchly
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Bearbeitet am 23. Dezember 2018

Haven't try it yet. Don't work, i think i need to learn instruction of this app, but whatever i do,nothing happened

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29. Oktober 2018

NON-exsitant customer service. They say they're online and ready to chat, but noone is there. This is not a good sign of things to come, so we removed the app before even getting to use it. And who might have been perfect for us.
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Bearbeitet am 27. August 2021

Disappointed. Claimed it was $9.90. I approved it, then got a notice from Shopify saying they could charge up to $29.99 for pay-per-usage charges. Whatever the that is. No thank you. Misleading advertising

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