FREE Variant Images

FREE Variant Images

by Impress

New! – Show images for the selected variant only.

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Home & Office Colombia

I'm using minimal theme, Variant app doesn't work fine, sometimes shows variant images but usually don't. When it works it's great!

Is it a theme problem? Can it be fixed?



Setup is super easy, self-explanatory. However, the end result is that it does not display correctly once published. On initial load, main image appears, and the correct variant images appear below, but then slides to the left and all disappear. I am using a slide display. This could be the theme, and visual builder I am using. However, I am still giving 3 stars as theme is a popular theme and so is the visual builder app.

Theme: Turbo-Portland
Visual Builder: GemPages

I can't deny that I'm disappointed but it is free after all. It seems very close though! Like I said, very easy to setup on the back-end.

Developer reply

November 7, 2019

Thanks lÍfapure! We’re still brand new so working on increasing theme compatibility. We’re testing with this theme now and should have an update by tomorrow!

My Bohemian

The first review is not true. Theme code is added.
Only just installed the app so unsure of its performance in other aspects

Developer reply

November 7, 2019

Hi My Bohemian! One of the reasons FREE Variant Images is fast is *because* of our theme modifications! I'll explain why.

(I believe the other reviewer was referring to our automatic installer -- you don't need to edit your theme code to get up and running. And we deliberately designed FREE Variant Images to be easier to uninstall than other variant image apps; you won't lose your product images if you uninstall.)

The easiest way to implement this app would be to use Shopify's built-in script injector, which is slow, and loads seconds after your site has finished downloading. With that implementation, your store would load all product images, and only then load FREE Variant Images.

So instead we wrote a custom loader that loads our script early, and does not delay the downloading of any other asset on your store (i.e. it's non-blocking) so we can reduce the number of images your customers need to download to view your product page. Our loader drastically reduces the overall load time of your product pages.

If you would like your store to use the slower Shopify version, please reach out ( and I'll see what we can do!