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30. oktober 2020

Working pretty easily with the different options per product. Staff is very responsive, good experience overall.

5 måneder bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 10. november 2020

Thank you for the review. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help and improve your experience with our app.

- Jon
Relenteless Apps

17. maj 2020

Super easy to add custom features to your cart! Comparing with others it did the job. Giving it a 4 because wish it was more affordable to keep using. Maybe if you're just using one simple feature, it can be adjusted.

3 måneder bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 17. juni 2020

Thank you for the review. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or to improve the app.

Relentless Apps

26. august 2020

why use different langguage in option i mean for in put in my store use in dond load file but information tidak ada file yg di upload ( indonesian langguage)

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 26. august 2020

The file upload text gets automatically translated to whatever language the user has set in their browser. If they have Indonesian selected in their browser then Indonesian will show. If they have English selected in their browser then English will show.

If you need any more help please contact us.

Relentless Apps

24. november 2022

The app is fine but it's not being used yet by my customers so I need to educate them on how to use it.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 24. november 2022

The app should be intuitive for your customers to use. If you have any questions or need any help let us know.

Happy Holidays,
Relentless Apps

2. juli 2020

Even there a few bugs, the support team helps you very fast, although there are only 2 men.
good job

Cirka en måned bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 6. juli 2020

Hi Denis,

We fixed all the bugs caused by the incompatibility with your theme.

If you have any more problems let us know.

Relentless Apps

16. juni 2021

The app is great for being able to add customization to products and added variants; however, it does override a lot of the theme options which has caused layout issues for our site.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
Redigeret 25. juni 2023

Worked with Dev team to sort out issues with theme. They are very responsive and worked to resolve issues. 5 Stars to the team

App seems to hit most of the items needed. I understand there are some issues with Shopify API and 3rd-party developers that require some creative work-arounds. The add-on requires additional add-ons to over come these issues.

App is currently installed, working with theme. Working on add-ons next...

21 dage bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 11. juni 2023

Hi Chris. Thank you for contacting us to make us aware of the issue. We are just a two person team and take great pride in our app and taking care of our customers.

We fixed the issue immediately on your store once you brought this to our attention.

I did some further tests and found that this issue only occurred with your specific version of the Dawn theme (Dawn 9.0). I checked on earlier and later versions of the theme and everything worked properly when our app was uninstalled.

We have already released our new app installation using app embeds which will have a clean uninstall when customers delete the app so issues like this won't happen again.

We are also fixing this issue on any stores that had our older app code installed to prevent this issue in the future.

Relentless Apps

26. februar 2020

Been using the app for a short while and its great for file uploads of custom items. The download method of files should be more intuitive.

Private Label Branding
24 dage bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 26. februar 2020

The images used to download with the correct file type when you clicked on them, but Shopify made a change a few months back to .webp files. There isn't anything we can do, I am sorry about that.

You can download the original file type following the instructions on this article

13. maj 2021

It works fine and i Liket But if you could change the Language that would be Perfect. Ore if you could just rename for exemple the : Choose one

22 dage bruger appen
Relentless Apps svarede 13. maj 2021

We have code to change the language. I sent you an email with instructions on how to change this.

Please email me back if you have any more questions.

Have a great day,
Relentless Apps

Redigeret 4. marts 2019

The app was easy to implement, no support was needed, custom buttons are a breeze. The let down, the skins work on the main product page for our color selection buttons, but it does not work for any of the quick view pages where the same color options are listed. That would be an outstanding future upgrade for the app.

7 dage bruger appen