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23. Mai 2023

The best app! While I wish Shopify had more variants just integrated within shop listings, I am glad this variant app exists. It’s THE BEST.

Also, they’re extremely responsive and helpful by contact form/email if you have questions.

I’ve been using this app for several years and it prevents me from having to follow up with clients for missing information because their “note at checkout” dropped off. I can’t believe I used to do the “leave a note at checkout with X, Y, Z”.

I love that I can also print my orders and these variants show up on the order print-outs. I use a discount app to allow discount codes to work with the pricing variations and all of that has worked seamlessly through busy times like Black Friday… and just year-round in general. Last Black Friday was just so much better because of having this app. I could actually spend time with family and not be stuck to my phone. I also think more people order when it’s a am easy and clear user-friendly experience which is what this app helps with. Thank you.

Knot & Splice
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7. November 2023

Excellent app, does exactly what was required. And support was fantastic when used. Would recommend.
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6. November 2023

I have search for customization apps. The app should also offer any upcharges and add to price. I have found it tedious to either know code, or manual installs. This app is by far the best that I have used and works perfect for my upsell add ons. I actually came across on a Youtube search and one company was using it. I have found it is so very easy to create and at the same time extremely user friendly. You have nothing to lose with a trial period. Have not needed tech support yet to make an further comments, if I do I will update review. Nice work team

Jones & Co. Leatherworks
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24 tage mit der App
10. August 2023

This app is soooo great! I sell made to order apparel that is customizable. The ability to use functional logic to guide the customer through the customization process where we offer hundreds of options that change depending on what has been selected has made our customization pages some of the most visited on our website. The only thing that is better than the product is the service. I recently discovered that there was an issue with the add to cart button not working and after an email and in under 24 hours they were able to find the issue, and have my theme and their app working perfectly again. Decided right then it was time to right an epic review that is much deserved. I would leave a 100 star review if I could, its just so nice to know that this team is active and responsive when there is urgent issues that can effect sales. Im genuinely impressed by the apps capabilities and the support is incredible. Thank you guys!

Sacred Geometrix
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10. November 2023

This app is absolutely AWESOME! I am not a computer person. I enjoy being creative and making pretty things. Setting up my online store was a struggle until the Shopify agent recommended this app. So grateful to the developers for making it make sense! It is so easy to navigate. I can't say enough great things!

Bab's Crafts
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7. August 2023

For anyone managing a diverse product range on Shopify and often feels constrained by its native variant restrictions, the "Variant Option Product Options" app is nothing short of a game-changer.

With the range of customisations offered, from colour swatches to text input fields, or if you're looking to offer a simple colour variant or complex product configurations, this app has got you covered! The inclusion of image uploads for custom products is a noteworthy feature and one we use a lot, and has been well-received by our customers!

The myriad of options might seem daunting, but the app makes it so simple to integrate and manage them all. This app leads to a richer, more personalised shopping experience for our customers and in the crowded space of Shopify apps, Variant Option Product Options stands tall as the definitive solution for product customisation. Highly recommended! ️

Horse Cleaning Masters Of Shampoos ™
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29. Juni 2023

Wow wow wow ! Where do I start ?
I was in complete distress considering my entire business is ran off customization of products !
I contacted the apps contact email, not truly expecting a quick response, or even a response at all… not only did I get a FAST RESPONSE but they agent helping me figured out and FIXED my entire problem ASAP ! I did nothing and the agent did everything after I allowed access to my store ! Thank you so so so much for assisting me and treating my business as your own. I recommended this app to everyone and it is definitely worth the price ! Inexpensive to say the least !

Do not hesitate to download and use this app ! Thank you again

- Diana

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11. August 2023

This app is amazing!!! I searched around for something that would allow me to showcase my highly customizable products in a way that was both user friendly for my customers and for myself (on the backend setting up the website on my own). This app works perfectly for what I was trying to achieve. It was also extremely easy for me to set up all of my products exactly how I wanted them to look/function for the customer. In terms of support, their Customer Service is amazing! I appreciate that they have a website full of FAQs (so that if I ran into any minor issues I was able to try to solve the issue quickly on my own). There were also some very minor pieces I needed some extra help/clarification on. Once I reached out (via their easy to use contact us form), they were exceptionally quick to respond and resolve any issues. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app!

Rise West Design
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8 monate mit der App
20. Juni 2023

My store relies on this app as we have hundreds of variations to our product lines. Using this app made uploading smooth and painless. When I had an issue with the app, I contacted Jon who immediately got is technical expert, Martin to look into my case. By the next morning all my issues were resolved! Highly recommend this app for adding extra product options to your site!

Rhino Salon Mats
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25. Oktober 2023

This app is user friendly, and Martin's customer service is GREAT! I was experiencing an issue with my account and he fixed it quickly, then sent follow up emails with other tips I would not have even known to think of. The ease of use and the customer service has made the launch of customizable jerseys on our website a positive experience.

Seattle Storm Team Shop
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