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Bearbeitet am 28. Oktober 2023

My response to your reply: Your response to my complaint is much too late. I had raised this issue, but you said you couldn't help me. And now, when I give a 1-star review, you can suddenly help? And don't write that the images are still there, because they aren't. I have tested on different browsers and also in incognito mode. The images were gone. It remains a terribly bad app; I have since found a much better app (with online chat for support, so you don't have to wait two days for a response).

First review:
This app is the worst I've come across. I had created 80 image swatches. After a few days, they disappeared. So, I recreated them, and again, they vanished after a few days. I did this four times and then sent an email to support, but they had never seen this before and couldn't provide an answer. So, I entered everything again, only to have it all disappear once more. This is truly outrageous. There are plenty of alternative apps out there. Definitely do not choose this one.

Ballon Boetiek
23 tage mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 28. Oktober 2023

I am sorry you had issues with the app Geert. I see you uninstalled out app before we had a chance to look into this further and diagnose the issue.

I had my technical expert look into this and the images are still uploaded as you can see in the link below.

If you re-install the app we would be happy to look into this further and diagnose the issue.

Since you are the only store experiencing the issue that leads me to believe another app might be deleting the metafield data from our app somehow.

Relentless Apps

11. August 2023

I cannot figure this app out. It did not seem to save anything I did. I need it for image upload, and am seeing some reviews, etc. where this app does not support that? I used it a year ago, and seemed to work fine, but now it looks different, and is just difficult for me to understand. I'll probably try another app.

Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 12. August 2023

Our app supports image uploads :) We are constantly making improvements and upgrading the app to fit the needs of our customers which might be why it looks a little different for you. Our main functionality is the same.

If the options aren't showing on the website try installing the app to the theme.

Send us an email and we'll help you out with any issues or questions you have.

Relentless Apps

17. Juli 2023

After years of having this app at 9.99 I noticed my add ons not working. I was then told I needed to upgrade! Like what??
You are thieves - no prior notification. I chose a plan and get told I need to upgrade when nothing has changed from my side?
I do not recommend

Headboards For Africa
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 19. Juli 2023

Hi Cheryl, I'm sorry there was a little confusion on what plan you had to be on for price add-ons to work. We try our best to clearly communicate that price add-ons are only available on the Advanced Plan. From day one we have had this information clearly stated on the app listing and plans page in our app.

I also see you emailed us 3 years ago that price add-ons weren't working. We replied stating you needed to be on the Advanced Plan for price add-ons to work. After that, I see you were on the Advanced Plan for 2 years. Several months ago you downgraded the app again and sent an email about the same issue. We replied again stating the price add-ons are only available in the Advanced Plan.

We are just a two-person company trying to make the best apps possible with the best customer service.

If you think there is another place where we could have this information please email me back and let me know.

2. Mai 2023

The worst app in our store. We use it about 8 months and and we find that customer's photos are not uploading and also all the paid elements disappear. So we are losing our money because of this plugin. We are exchanging for another because we are paying for the most expensive version and it is appalling. I don't understand why nothing works as it should. If you don't want to lose money, don't download.
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 2. Mai 2023

I am sorry the app didn't work for you Tomáš. I checked our emails but I didn't see any emails from you. Sometimes another app or a specific setting can cause issues.

We are happy to fix any issues with our app. Just reply to the email I sent you and we will fix it :)

Relentless Apps

Bearbeitet am 11. März 2023

Don't download this app! It suddenly removes all your variants, leaving your shop with only the add to cart button.

It happens randomly, after you notice it its already hours past and you lost your daily ads money plus all orders. It's a critical issue very huge catastrophic problem. And there is nothing for you to do! You have to turn off your ads and wait for them to reply your emails, rendering your complete shop useless and on their careless hands. It's so frustrating, worst experience with an app ever here on shopify!!


Answer to your reply: yes it took you 3 hours to reply my email but the technical issue lasted 24hours. 16 hours until I noticed. I lost approx 1.000$ through this problem. You going to refund that?

Radikal Homes
18 tage mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 11. März 2023

Sorry about that Daniel. We fixed an issue with our script last night which caused an issue in your Paolo Alto theme. We have already fixed this issue earlier this morning. I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. I am sorry it took us a 3 hours to see your email. We do our best to give the best support we can.

Bearbeitet am 18. Mai 2023

does not allow variants to send digital files. The developers offer no assistance. Take it as it is or leave it.

UPDATE: no app like Variant Option Product Options that I could find allows digital downloads. I found a workaround after spending 2 weeks and figured out that I could use shopify's variants for the digital downloads, then use Variant Option Product Options for the remainders. The pricing ads up correctly. so i did reinstal the app and it is working

I wish they could have told me about a workaround instead of me spending 30 hours of my time figuring out a workaround. they should give me free lifetime subscription for helping them resolve their problem.

The Exam Pros
Vereinigte Staaten
13 tage mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 18. Mai 2023

Hi Rob, I am sorry for the miscommunication before. That's great to hear that you were able to get everything working properly with out app and digital downloads.

I went ahead and gave you an extended 60 day trial for the app.

Have a great day,
Relentless Apps

1. März 2023

THIS APP IS A JOKE! Wish I read the bad reviews first. you can not TRACK INVENTORY! Yes you can do more than 100 variants but that is not transferred back to shopify to enter quantities. So you basically can not put any INVENTORY QUANITIES, PRODUCT SKUS, BAR CODES! Have to mention that the customer support may take several days to reply, and this app will completely mess up your product page layout!!!

iLevel Lab
Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 1. März 2023

Hi Mary Ann, I am sorry the app didn't fit your needs. I see we always responded to your emails within a few hours. You can keep track of inventory and SKU's with Shopify Options and use our app to style those options. Or you can use our Virtual Options to add an infinite amount of options and variants. These however don't keep track of inventory or support SKUs. Can you give us more information about what you mean by "completely mess up your product page layout". I didn't see any emails about that.

27. Juli 2023

It is very hard to understand your product before I even start. On one had it says you won't be charged until you upgrade, then it says you have a 14 day trial after which it will be $9.99? Which one is it?

Vereinigte Staaten
9 minuten mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 29. Juli 2023

Hi Steven. I sent you an email explaining everything there.

Our app is free for development stores and merchants that are on a Shopify Trial and not on a paid plan for Shopify.

If you are on a paid Shopify Plan then we have a 14-day trial to test out the app before paying for the app subscription.

If you have any more questions please reply to the email I sent and we would be happy to help you in any way we can.

Relentless Apps

25. Juni 2023

I've had the app for maybe a week and I have done what it asks me to do. I have the 2.0 theme as suggested and enabled it but nothing changed. I really want to use the app because of its features but nothing seems to work. In the app after choosing a product, I would press the 'Edit Product Options' and it takes me to the product and I see the same button on their and it just leads me back to the app.

Rogue Senpai
Vereinigte Staaten
Eine minute mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 25. Juni 2023

Hi Mary, I sent you an email. Please email me back and we can get everything working properly in your store.

Relentless Apps

7. März 2023

"Forfait gratuit disponible" MENSONGE.
Je savais pas que le clickbait ça existait même sur les app shopify, il n'y a aucun forfait gratuit que des forfaits payants. Déçu.

Pocket Parfum
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Relentless Apps hat geantwortet 7. März 2023

Hi Pocket Parfum, the app is free for development stores and any store on a Shopify trial as stated in the Pricing section of the app listing. I can see how this can be a little confusing. I am sorry about that.

Our app has a free 14-day trial for you to test out the app and see if it is a good fit for you before paying anything. We have over 18,000 happy customers that think the price is worth it for all the amazing functionality our app brings to their store :)

Please give our free trial a shot and see if the app is a good fit for you. We have spent hundreds of hours working on and perfecting it and I am sure after trying it out you will see the value in it.

Salut Pocket Parfum, l'application est gratuite pour les magasins de développement et tous les magasins bénéficiant d'un essai Shopify, comme indiqué dans la section Tarification de la liste des applications. Je peux voir comment cela peut être un peu déroutant. Je suis désolé.

Notre application propose un essai gratuit de 14 jours pour vous permettre de tester l'application et de voir si elle vous convient avant de payer quoi que ce soit. Nous avons plus de 18 000 clients satisfaits qui pensent que le prix en vaut la peine pour toutes les fonctionnalités incroyables que notre application apporte à leur magasin :)

Veuillez essayer notre essai gratuit et voir si l'application vous convient. Nous avons passé des centaines d'heures à travailler dessus et à le perfectionner et je suis sûr qu'après l'avoir essayé, vous en verrez la valeur.