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23 de setembro de 2020

Normally I think this is the best product options app but it has one huge flaw (at least on my store). When you create the virtual product options and a customer uses them there will be no discount box shown at the check out. I have tried so many things to fix that until I realized it's caused by this app. I use Product Options by Bold now and it's working. Until this is fixed I unfortunately can't use your app although I think it's the best out there. :(

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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 23 de setembro de 2020

Discount codes will still work with our app. I sent you an email for the solution to get them working with our price add-ons.

Please email me back.

Thank you,
Relentless Apps

28 de agosto de 2020

Their support is terrible. They said we can do it to the question I asked first and then they said they got it wrong. Now I ask one question and they give me another answer.

AGNA | Connecting Laundries and People
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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 28 de agosto de 2020

Sorry for the confusion, we didn't understand the problem you were asking about. Something was lost in translation.

When I looked into our emails we always replied within a few hours.

We sent you another email and are waiting to hear back from you to fix the issues.

Please email us back and we'll get this fixed for you :)

Relentless Apps

16 de agosto de 2020

The app work well with Chrome, but I can not open it with Safari on my Macbook. Please fix it, I want to use this app

Tock Store
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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 16 de agosto de 2020

Thank you for letting us know. We fixed this issue and users on Safari and Macbook are you are able to log into the app with these now.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

Relentless Apps

18 de julho de 2020

So many problems with this app.

Firstly, options are difficult to organise. Once you add an option e.g. size to Tshirt A, you can duplicate it to Tshirt B easily. But if you suddenly forgot to add the colour option on Tshirt A, duplicating Tshirt A to B will replace all of Tshirt B's unique options, different from Tshirt A. This was extremely annoying as I could not duplicate only one option.

You must pay for an external app to have discount code box enabled. If you don't, there's no discount box.

I ran into the issue where orders came in without price add-ons. I lost money from that and the customer service said they tried their best but could not figure out why my orders would randomly be placed without price add-ons. This is the absolute worst, it happened twice, out of 10 orders and that's enough to make me delete this app.

Customer service was not replied in the nicest manner. I've had better support from another app I found that is better than this for much cheaper, where they could show me screenshots and videos of how to change something.

Don't waste your hours adding all the options and then having your website close down for a week to figure out the problem.

Pros: I like all the options and the look, especially with the instructions type option where I can add a photo to help shoppers understand the option better.

Could be better, honestly.

The Sleek Hound
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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 30 de julho de 2020

I am sorry the app didn't work properly for you Shirley.

With hundreds of themes and thousands of apps there are endless possible compatibility problems. We are constantly improving our app to fix any problems that come up.

We realize that the duplicate tool doesn't fit every users needs and are creating something that will. We are already working on a better system to control product options for multiple products, and collections.

Thank you for your kind words about how the app looks. As a web designer for many years I am proud of the look and usability of the app.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the future.

- Jon
Relentless Apps

18 de julho de 2020

was supposed to get refunded and then they never replied

it did not work like it was supposed to do

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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 18 de julho de 2020

Pleurat​, I had Shopify email you with the details about your refund.

Here is the email from Shopify: "We are sending this email to formally let you know that the refund from the developer of your app which is relentless has been successfully processed. This is amounting to $8.99. The refund was made back to the original method of payment. You will see this reflected on your financial statement in a few business days, usually three to five days depending on how quickly your payment provider processes the refund."

If you didn't get the refund please email us back so we can contact Shopify to take care of this.

I didn't get any emails about our app not working properly. If you need any help with the app send us an email and we will be happy to help.

- Martin
Relentless Apps

Data de edição: 15 de junho de 2020

It looks great, but there are two major issues caused by the app. First, you need to to add some custom code to liquid file in Shopify in order you want to track FB "AddToCart" events. Second, I had some issues with product options, All my variants appeared as "sold out". Even if I don't track my inventory. I didn't change anything and today it's works fine again.

EDIT: It would have been great, if you contact all users about issues with your app. All products on my website were wrongly shown as "sold out". In my case, I lost about $1000 that day, because my customers didn't buy from my store.

About the pixel issue. I'm using standard Debut theme. I would expect at least all Shopify standard themes to be supported.

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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 13 de junho de 2020

We upgraded our app so FB pixel will work automatically work with all themes.

We have helped you with everything you have asked for. If there is anything else we can do let me know.

Thank you,

- Martin
Relentless Apps

11 de junho de 2020

very dissapointing app.... after lots and lots of hours confugurating after view weeks not working well. shows no more option pictures. Lost of money... so sad.

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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 22 de junho de 2020

We tried to email you about this issue but we never heard back.

Since everything was working fine before, your comments make me believe it was another app that you installed causing the issues.

Sometimes, things just don't go as expected but I think we deserve a chance to help you fix the issue you had and provide you with great, immediate service.

We will be happy to set up the app for you right away.

- Jon
Relentless Apps

7 de maio de 2020

Wost service I never had. You ask for help and they tell you that they don't have the time to help you and that they prefer to answer basic questions. I don't suggest you to work with them. Really disappointed.

Omy Laboratoires
Tempo gasto no app: 3 dias
Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 18 de maio de 2020

We have sent you a few emails and haven't heard back from you.

When I checked we always responded to your emails within a few hours.

I would appreciate it if could email us back and let us know what else we can do to help you.

Thank you.

18 de março de 2020

The application stopped my pixel from tracking the data from adding it to the cart and once the trial period was over it made my site crash for a whole day displaying twice the base price. The promotional price was reversed with my base price a problem that made me lose a lot of money. I'm disappointed because the application worked well at the beginning. The after sales service is not user friendly.

Pupsy™ | Harnais personnalisé pour chien
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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 18 de março de 2020

Hi Kevin, I responded to you an hour after you sent your email with information on how to fix the pixel issue. I never heard back from you.

You never emailed us about the issues mentioned and never gave us a chance to fix this.

Update: You will be happy to know we upgraded the app so FB pixel works on all themes now.

Thank you,
- Jon
Relenteless Apps

25 de junho de 2019

the app is now having access to order and customer details which they previous never asked.
Giving your customer data to a third party app which doesn't need it to function can be harmful for your business

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Relentless Apps deixou uma resposta 25 de junho de 2019

We updated our permissions so we can create price add-ons. These permissions allow our app to create draft orders.

If you look at similar product option apps you will see that they require the same permissions.

I understand it might be scary to give permissions to a third party app but they are necessary for our new price add-ons feature to work. I hope you understand.

Martin & Jon
Relentless Apps