Variant Options Swatch King

Variant Options Swatch King

by StarApps Studio

Variant Image, Color & Collection Swatch + Link Product Option

4.9 of 5 stars(38 reviews)

Improve variant discovery

Showcase product options as Variant Image swatches & help customers to discover all your variants in a snap. Redesign entire product option.

Variants on collection page

Add swatches to collection pages & search results. Help customers to explore each variant with their images right on the collection page.

Not just any swatch app!

*Migrate old swatches* *Bulk upload* *Link product options* *Hide stocked out variants* *Prevent wrong orders (How!?) -Explore details below

About Variant Options Swatch King

Variant Options Swatch King is a one-stop solution for all problems related to traditional option selectors. Here’s how -

Automated Variant Image Swatch

Replace boring product options with smart swatches of the variant image. Variant image swatches give a preview of available variants and help shoppers to quickly find the right variant. Variant image swatch is easy to configure and it automatically assigns the right variant image to each variant option.

Color Swatch and Custom Image Swatch

You can also configure some of your options to use manually assigned colors or images. Though we recommend you use our automated variant image swatch (wherever suitable) for the best conversion.

Collection Page Swatches

Add swatches to collection pages & search results. Help customers to explore each variant with their images right on the collection page.

Bulk Import/ Export Swatches

Save hours of work by uploading swatch images/color codes in bulk with just one click.

Migrate from Old Swatches

If you are already using another swatch app & want to migrate your already assigned colors and images, that's possible with just a few clicks.

Prevent Wrong Orders - Make a Selection

Shopify themes select a variant by default and a lot of time customers accidentally purchase the default variants. With the "Make a Selection" feature be assured that your customer only purchases a variant by making a selection. [go to example store to see it live]

Linked Product Options - SOLVED!

Shopify themes don't give you linked options out of the box, they show all choices in all dropdowns available, regardless of what combinations exist. Variant Swatch King eliminates this mess and automatically shows options that are available in combination with previous selection.

Out of Stock Variants

You can choose if you want to hide, strike-out, or show out of stock variants. Back-in-stock notifications coming soon.

Highly Customizable Options

Choose different presentation styles for different options. There’s always a best way to present one type of product option on the product page. For example, if you’re selling a mobile phone you may want to show models as buttons, colors as swatches and storage options as a dropdown.
 You can now control all of this with the app.

Tailored for your theme

The swatches, buttons, and dropdowns created by the app are highly flexible in design and can be customized to match your store's design.

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See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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Pricing 14-day free trial



  • For stores on Basic Shopify and Shopify NGO plan

  • Unlimited products and variants



  • For stores on Shopify, Custom Shopify, Shopify Professional, and Advanced Shopify plans

  • Unlimited products and variants



  • For stores on Shopify Plus plan

  • Unlimited products and variants



  • For stores under development

  • Partner agencies and developers get FREE installation support

  • For Affiliate and Shopify Staff stores

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 38 reviews

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Most recent reviews

ID Stronghold

We were looking for an easy to use swatch app that also would show on the collections page. This app was super easy to use and install and we didn't have to create any custom swatches. Right after install the swatches didn't show up on the collections page but with a quick email to them they had it fixed in just a day.


Works perfectly for adding variant options and swatches, and the support is amazing and helped with all requests in great time. Would definitely recommend!

GRADE Mobile

Excellent aftersale support. Fast response. Hands down the bast swatch app that we have found on Shopify App store.