Swatchy Color Swatches

Swatchy Color Swatches

開發者:Cupel Apps

Display variants as color swatch or image swatch ($25 only)

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Color Swatch & Image Swatch

Display color swatch and image swatch for collection and product pages

Swatch for Product,Collections

Creates color swatch on both product pages and collection pages

One time fee for Color Swatch

The app is costing one time fee only. Saves monthly fee. Installation is automatic and uninstallation is clean

有關 Swatchy Color Swatches

Instant Color Swatch and Image Swatch

Swatchy app helps store owners presents boring variant option drop downs into a visually appealing color swatch and image swatch automatically. By showing them realistic variant image swatches that display the appropriate product picture when the shopper clicks on them, you can create a user experience that will convert more shoppers to buyers!

Product Options as Color Swatches

Converts boring product option dropdowns as elegant and easy to navigate color swatches with breeze.

Linked Product Options to Product Images

Automatically link product options to the variant images in the product pages. i.e if customer selects color variant, it will update the image of the product.

Generate image swatch and color swatch for color variants

App automatically converts drop down select options into elegant color swatch and image swatch for color options. Supports 3 types of swatch types.

Swatch on both product page and collection pages

App works on both product page and collection pages. You will get a simple but aesthetically product pages and collection pages.

Automatic Swatch Installation & Clean uninstall

The App installs itself right away for shopify approved themes, you don't need to edit any of your theme liquid files to use it. It just works instantly. If your theme is a customized or not available in the shopify theme store, contact our support team. We will offer free installation based on your theme in minutes

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5 days Free Trial. $25 One time Fee

3.9 5 顆星

  • 5 5 顆星
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We love this app. As a store newly transferred to Shopify from our previous system, we were disappointed to learn we couldn't have colour variants listed on the website as separate products without creating separate products of each colour. Other apps that make this possible...

This app is great! Only problem is that the swatches loading speed needs to be faster. If you have any tips or tricks, please let me know.


The best for variant colors. it's simple and user-friendly. I can show for my store the product colors