Variant Title King

Variant Title King

StarApps Studio

Add Product Options, Variant Name & SKU to Product Title

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Change Title Based on Variants

Include name of the variant, SKU and product options in the title of the product. Clearly specify which variant the customer has selected.

Improves conversion

Improves SEO and store design. Eliminates confusion and helps customers to make confident decision. Works well with swatches.

We are your variant expert

If you need help installing the app or have a variant related query, our experts can solve it all with 24 hours.

Variant Title King 정보

Product Title King helps you to change product title (product name) based on the selected variant options. It helps your customers to understand which variant they are looking at and adding to cart.

The app is developed by StarApps Studio team, which has built apps like Variant Image Automator, Variant Swatch King Variant Descriptions King.

Build for scale. Our apps are trusted by Shopify Plus stores.

No matter, if you are starting your store or have a brand store with millions of visitors every day, the app is built to take care of all. Our other apps are being used and trusted by many Shopify Plus stores.

Simple to use

All you need to do is create a template for the product title. The product title template can include variant specific values like variant name, product options, SKU, product type, product vendor, etc. You just need to create the template once, the app will automatically apply it to all the product pages in your store.

Works with all type of product options

Your products may have different types of variant options for different categories, the app works with all.

Works with product swatches

The app works perfectly with color swatches and custom product option apps. If you are using color swatch, you should definitely use the app to make it clear to your customers about which color variant they have selected because it becomes difficult to know the exact name of the color variant from looking at the swatch.

Compatible with other apps

The app works well with most of the apps for Variant Image gallery, color swatches, custom product options, product video, image zoom, product image gallery, size chart, etc. If you face any trouble, just write to our experts

Supports all theme

We support all known themes. If the app is not working for your store, let us know and we'll get the app working within 24 hours

Our other apps:

  • Variant Image Automator: Show multiple images of the selected variant. Makes your product page look professional and improve sales.
  • Variant Descriptions King: Show different descriptions for different variants and organize long description into tabs or accordions
  • Variant Swatch King: Replace boring product options with variant image swatches

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Super good support team, very responsive. I am amazed by the app and its results. I can recommend it!

Nora Nora

Amazing customer services - Sarah of the team was really helpful. Great free app and will also check out other apps by the firm!


This is a great App, and he does what the so-called experts at Shopify can't do. It is great and trustworthy. I love this App so much, and if you are like me and have many variations of a product, you should definitely use this App!