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Fecha de modificación: 2 de noviembre de 2023

UPDATE: Their service is great. Besides the app not being what I was looking for, they made sure that the errors deleting the application caused, were completely worked away. Our collection pages got saved, thanks to their team :)

I installed the app, tested it, but the functionality was not was I was looking for.
Then, I followed their guide in order to delete the app properly...
AND my collection pages got f*.... They show errors and have no product images because the app delete a source file from my site

12 minutos usando la aplicación
Extendons respondió 30 de octubre de 2023

I apologize for the issue you are facing after using the Variator app.
We have mentioned the uninstallation video guide on the backend dashboard unfortunately you missed it.

if the app is not according to your requirements and the issue you are facing after Uninstall you should contact our support.

Within 11 minutes you leave a bad review for us.
Our support team responds within minutes to manage these types of problems.
Please contact us on Whatsapp at +923078677415 or ess@extendons. The team will solve your all problems. Thanks

26 de mayo de 2022

App did not remove the "Options" button as I thought it would, and simply put an "Add to Cart" button below it. It did show the variants separately. I decided that the app wasn't for me, and deleted it. In my theme (Dawn), deleting it did nothing -- the collection pages still showed it. Had to get the developer to remove it. Note that they work 8-5 weekdays only, on Pakistan time. Because I put the request in on Friday afternoon in the US, it wasn't until Monday morning that it got removed.

The Boat Galley
Estados Unidos
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