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Show variants as a single product on collection page.

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Increase Catalog Items

Displaying variants as separate products on collection page can increase catalog items that lead to higher store conversions.

Simplify Buyers’ Journey

Allowing potential customers to add product variants to cart straightaway from the collection page simplifies their journey to checkout.

Search Friendly Variants

The product variations appear in searches for the users to quickly add them to cart without wasting time in looking for the products pages.

Om Variator

The landing page of a product may not exhibit all of its variety. The product variations may be there in the dropdown menu for color, style, or design but the customers may unable to notice them.

With Variator App, you can allow customers to see all the product options on the collection page as separate catalog items. Help your customers explore product variations on the Collection page of your store so that they add to the cart with a click. You can choose which products' variation to exhibit as separate items with the rule. The variants appear in search results too so that a customer looking for one product can get to know about all of its variations.

Features list

  • Show Product Variants as separate products
  • Display Product Variants on Collection page
  • Enable Add to Cart button on Variants
  • Customize Add to Cart button
  • Highlight Variants of specific Products
  • Reveal Variants in Product Search

Show Variants as Separate Products

Populate your online store with more shopping options by showing variants of existing store items as separate products. Let the customers easily pick the variant they need.

Take Variants to Collection Page

Bring the variants of popular products to the limelight by taking them to the Collection page. Let them get the due spotlight on your store without making the users search them.

Allow ‘Add to Cart’ for Variants

With a separate Add to Cart button, you can facilitate users to fill carts with the product variants they need straightaway from the Collection page.

Personalize 'Add to Cart ‘button

You can make the ‘Add to Cart’ button more revealing and attractive by customizing the button and text color to your choice.

Apply Rule to Specify Products

Decide the variants of specific products you want to add as separate items and apply the rule accordingly. You can display variations of collection, products, or entire catalog.

Reveal Variants in Search Results

Your customers will be able to find variants in search results, the way they find other products of your online store. Let them explore more options in searches.

Note: If you have any theme compatibility issue with our app then contact us at We will make it compatible for free.

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Seneste anmeldelser

ECHOTAIL® Blade Bait Company

This app does exactly was it says it does.. it allows us to place product variants into collections! I shopped around quite a bit before making the decision to try Variator. The app is very easy to learn and use allowing us to implement much sooner that I expected. We needed multiple app modifications made for our theme and they responded with every request in LESS THAT 24 HOURS! Great customer services and I would recommend this app to anyone looking to offer more product flexibility to their online stores. Thank you for making this incredible product Extendons! J. Blanchar, Vibrations Tackle


Great app! Let us show variants on collection pages and works smoothly. We need some help to make it work with our theme and their customer support was quick to make those changes.