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8 augusti 2023

It is a good attempt and shows potential, but missing too many controls to be used on install.
Biggest issue is that the table is not responsive and will not load on a cell phone - because the width is too big and wont show the "add to cart" button.
Also, strange decision to allow you to stylize the header of the table, but you have NO control over the actual product content - for our template the font style was twice the height of our theme , and is ugly.
The functionaliy is good, but the UI display and controls are very poor and require a ton of work to override to follow your default theme styles.

Totally willing to update this review if the developer addresses anything.

Local Route Disc Golf
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Addify svarade 10 augusti 2023


Thank you for leaving a detailed feedback.

It seems like there is a conflict with your theme which we can resolve. We have tried reaching out to you through your website contact form.

Can you please write back at "support@addify.co" so we can troubleshoot and resolve these issues on your store.