VP: SEO Marketing Manager

VP: SEO Marketing Manager

Vast Promotion

Easy put SEO on autopilot, increase traffic & higher ranking

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Search Engines friendly

Optimize image ALT Text, JSON-LD, Meta tags, Sitemap automatically. Make sure your website meets Search Engines best practices.

Faster page loading

Pre-load your pages and optimize image sizes to bring more wow customer experiences.

One click & Auto pilot

Considerable time and energy-saving with autopilot features to handle SEO. No need to digest technical terms.

VP: SEO Marketing Manager 정보

SEO is very important for online business, this has been proven to help increase your traffic and store rankings in all search engines. It is sustainable and saves you a lot of advertising money.

But you find it hard to understand when you start to learn SEO. And you thought you couldn't touch it.

No need to worry anymore! You now have Vast SEO as an easy SEO process. It's time for the world to check your store on Google and beyond!

The app requires no code and super easy to use. You only need a CLICK to be able to see all SEO issues. And the features on the app will help you fix them all.

Highlight Features of Vast SEO

Vast SEO - Organic Traffic app provides many tools, which do literally everything you need for optimal SEO functions...

Optimize Unlimited Images

ALT tags can be added automatically to every image on your website.


Important page structured data (Google snippets, json+ld): Product page, Collection page, Blog listing page, Single Blog, Business, review, item list structured data

Meta tags

Automatic optimize meta title and meta description. Supports 4 pages: Product page, Collection page, Blog listing page, Single Blog

Meta tags and rules are used for SEO content, bulk edit SEO, meta tags SEO, fixing meta titles

Redirect manager

Allow redirecting 404 pages (404 not found, 404 broken links) to a specific URL

Easily redirect old URLs to new ones. So you don’t lose visitors because they get stuck on a 404 Not Found page.

HTML sitemap

HTML sitemap for sitemap generator, sitemap xml generator, sitemap checker, sitemap in SEO, html sitemap.

List all sub-pages so that visitors can easily navigate your website

Instant page loading

Preload any page to speed up your website loading instantly

Index faster

Getting Google to index your site faster can help you rank your content quickly.

Bulk SEO Editor

Detailed SEO analysis on your products, collections, pages, blog posts with problem report and improvement solutions

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Free Plan


  • Unlimited image optimization
  • Link manager
  • Redirect manager (404, broken links)
  • Increase speed score
  • Add JSON-LD
  • Auto add meta tags
  • More+

Premium Plan


  • Index faster
  • Products, collections, pages, blog posts SEO Editor
  • Sitemap manager
  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Put SEO on autopilot
  • More+

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I like how this app is put together - I'm using the Premium plan. It's got a number of features all in one place that makes tracking SEO work simple. There was a robust support document when I first installed the app but I can't access it anymore. Hopefully the team can bring it back soon. It's definitely worth the try.

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 30일

Thanks for giving us your feedback. We'll keep trying our best to improve the app as well as the service day-by-day. In case you need our assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@vastpromotion.com


The app might be good, but the support is bad. I have contacted support several times for a problem, but no one has ever answered me!

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 26일

Sorry for your unhappy experience. Our Technical Team has checked and found that your message went to our spam filter system. One support mail has just been sent to you with details to help you get out of the situation quickly. Please respond to the mail (support@vastpromotion.com) so we can continue to back you up asap.