Disable Right Click w/ Vault

Disable Right Click w/ Vault

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#1 AntiTheft Protection App. Protect your Images, Text & Code!

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Protects Your Images

Stops dragging and dropping to save images, keyboard shortcuts, and right clicks on the client to prevent image theft.

Protects Your Text

Stops copy/paste, right clicks, and keyboard shortcuts to prevent blatant text theft and protect your written work.

Logs Custom Legal Notice

Vault will automatically log your custom legal copyright theft warning as a custom alert on prohibited shortcuts/activity

Acerca de Disable Right Click w/ Vault

The Problem

  • Anyone, including your Competitors, can easily copy-paste your site content in most modern browsers and then claim it as their own.
  • Content is King, and having your text and images displayed on other sites may lower your SEO score - lowering your search rating, and losing potential customers and profits.
    • Copyright suits are lengthy and expensive.

The Best Solution

  • Vault will protect your website's content against the most used exploits in modern web browsers and show you the quality of our Apps.

Active with 1 Click

  • Vault will immediately activate upon installation and be loaded upon every request to your site. Say goodbye to the easy exploits of the past!


  • Desktop & Mobile Support: Choose different protections for different clients
  • Protects Images: Disables right clicks, "Save As", drag/drop to save
  • Protects Text: Disables copy-paste, highlighting, and context menu
    • Disables Keyboard Shortcuts: Disables save-page, copy and paste shortcuts
    • Disables "Save As" & "View Source" Menu
    • Logs a Custom Legal Notice
    • Built-In Protections for the Javascript Developer Console

Please note, the "Legal Protection" in Vault's listing refers to the app's customizable Legal Notices to help protect your copyright and ward off potential thieves.

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4.8 con 5 estrellas

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Aplicativo muito bom e gratuito!! Parabéns aos criadores! Direto, rápido, simples.... Perfeito!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this app since early 2019 with no issues until about one month ago when I was unable to check my site speed due to a javascript debugging error. I thought it was another app installed about the same time as when the issue started, but their tech team checked said it was caused by an app called Vault and then sent a copy of the code. I deleted Vault, but the issue still remained. Being concerned about any code left in my back end, I contacted Vault and Anthony assured me that it wasn't their app, but another app. He removed the remaining bits of the Vault code (and I also allowed him to remove the bit of code left over from the 'other app', as I had deleted it weeks previously), and that instantly solved the error so I was very happy all was working fine again. I wanted to give Vault another try so the next day I reinstalled the app and instantly the debugging and javascript error came back, affecting my site speed. I contacted 2 tech experts and after inspecting, asked if I had any app that provided site protection to which I said "yes". Both told me that it was an app called Vault, and provided me a copy of the line of code and said this was the cause of the javascript debugging error and that I needed to delete it. I immediately deleted the app and everything is working fine again. Fortunately the code Anthony removed had to be manually added again after reinstallation and I hadn't done that yet. This app worked perfectly for a year without any issues so I assume there must have been changes made recently to cause this issue. I sent an email to Anthony yesterday to update him on what happened, but over 24hrs later I've received no response at all. This app could have caused Google to penalize my site as it causes poor user experience. Many thanks to Shopify for their support in helping me get to the bottom of this issue in helping to reach out to Anthony and hopefully Vault will amend their code to fix this issue.

Respuesta del desarrollador

6 de mayo de 2021

I can assure you this is not the result of Vault.

When I accessed your site, my team did not remove any Vault code as there was no Vault code, to begin with. It is impossible for Vault to have interfered with the loading speed as by default it is loaded after the site has loaded unless you install it as a script tag on your own (which you had not done). I simply commented out a script from another application ironically called "page-speed-boost-optimizer.js" that was causing the error.

Additionally, even if there were any problems in the Javascript console, this does not interfere with your site loading speed in the slightest.
We have worked with several thousand merchants already and have never experienced these issues. With that being said, I would be happy to attempt to assist you again. I could even reinstall Vault for you and ensure that it is working correctly.

I am unsure what the exact issue is here, however, I do not that it is not a result of our application.

I have also sent you an email reply.

Electric Apps

TeckWrap Craft

Wow.. free, easy to use and straight to the subject. Can switch on/off every option and lets you decide exactly what to use. Thank you!

Respuesta del desarrollador

4 de mayo de 2021

Thank you for the thoughtful review! We're happy we can help :)